Delvain Marsh

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Delvain Marsh

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:11 pm

Delvain Marsh, the mysterious often unheard of tranquil paradise. Full of strange creatures and the gentle Salan, the large bullfrogs and the mighty Kongradi.
Yes ever since early explorers from Kotepia and the Order have ventured into the Marsh they have been horrified by the things they've seen, claiming a world filled with Water Demons and heathenistic creatures. Which is just plain not true, yes while the Salan and Kongradi to take a fearsome appearance they are mostly gentle and kind hearted folk who believe in simpler things and they do infact worship the same Idols as we do just differently with different values.

The Salan or Tribes People of the Marsh

The Salan possibly the most well known group of inhabitants of the Swamp feared through out Oblivion, Mortulia, Kotepia and Templar Order claiming that the Salan are of savage breed and only live to feast apon the flesh of their enemies often poisoning just so they can laugh with their fellow "Snake Kin" at the mess they've made.
I spent quite some time on the border of the Swamp talking with the ocasional Salan, who were all eagerly interested in what I had to say often laughing heartily about the stories of the outside world. So yes the rumours are all false, the Salan are a peacefull freindly people who are more concerned with finding their own inner happiness and that never involves bloodshed.
The Salan are a very traditional race, who have many distinct rituals and ceremonies unlike that of any other culture. One of their most famous.. Well only infamed traditions are the Hasing that begins as Children, the Salan have a strong belief in peace and when negotiations break down between tribes instead of full on War each Village has a champion whom they pit against one another to solve conflicts.
The Champion is chosen from an early age after years of competing with all the other children of the Tribe, of course the gracious Salan never show resentment to their more sucsessful brothers or sister. While yes I've stated that the Salan are peaceful, being the chosen "Verdanti of the brood" Or most powerful is a great honour bestowing apon the chosen one the Villages sacred artifacts and armour made from the bones of the founder.
The Salan are broken off into many different broods or Tribes often just being one family of Salan who can have hundreds of children in one batch. Surprisingly they are the most numerous inhabitant of the Swamps, how ever they look to the Kongradi confederacy for protection from the outside world, who often happily take advantage of that dependency.

The Kongradi confederacyi or Water Lords of Delvain

While I've previously stated that the rumours about the Salan spread through out the central and eastern kingdoms are entirely false, they do have some factual backround. Those being the Kongradi. Alot of the time being confused with the Salan the Kongradi however are completely different of culture, ethics, values, religion and shape.
The Kongradi grow a good 5 feet taller then the 8 foot bar of the Salan, one Kongradi warchief was reported with growing to the massive size of 20 ft! Their giant size is only debased by their incredibly low intelligence and innovation.
The Kongradi are also completely incapable of providing food for themselves and expect tribute from the Salan tribes at the end of every month, how ever the odd Kongradi raiding party has been known to sack towns from the outlying nations often eating their capitives.
From Birth the massive Kongradi are trained in combat both close and ranged combat, they are dangerous tenacious and nimble adversaries in combat so be warned they are not to be trifled with. One Sir.Perthus of my guard learned that on his own. R.I.P.
The entire society of the small confederacy lies apon Warfare and combat, and of course submissing the Salan into a gatherer class tributing their "Water Lords".

Ah, so constant reader I thankyou once again for keeping up with me and my travels. I know that I am far from rest and keep smiling at the fact, ever feeding my hunger for knowledge. So be careful when traversing the Swamps for some of the creatures may be freindly like the Salan but others are malicious and cunning like the Kongradi.

- Sincerely Cornelius Fischer

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