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Post  Aze Kahhn on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:05 pm

Character Name:
Aze Kahhn


Affinity Element:




Starting Inventory:
The Crystal His Mother Gave Him

Aze Kahhn 2_2

Combat Style:
Quiver & Arrows
Spiked Knuckles
Small Throwing Daggers
Various trap supplies.
Hides in the shadows, a swift and agile fighter. Jumping from one tree-branch to another.

Cocky and Arrogant, but for good reason. Greedy, but reasonable. Easily angered if someone mocks his family. Has some emotional trouble every now and then.

Born to the rather small village of Demthalem, Aze is known around the village for being the top sniper in his Archery School. His childhood was filled with harsh, tough memories. at the age of 3, his father was captured by a rival tribe and tortured for information on the Outer-Gods, it was said that he was the one who knew the most about them in all of Munit Plains. Four years passed, and Aze had feared the worst of his father. Finally, one day, when Aze was 8, his father returned to the village, walking down the main path. Aze ran to his father with tears in his eyes, and just when he was about ready to jump into his arms, his father was struck in the back of the skull with an arrow. His body fell directly next to Aze. Aze ran away in horror, back to his hut. From that day forth, he swore he would be the best Sniper in Darasum, and get revenge on the tribe that took his fathers life.
He began taking Archery classes at Age 13, under the teachings of Xandhi, the village's best Archer. Along with 17 other classmates, he began on the brutal path to becoming a master Archer. Practicing not only in school, but outside of school, going into the nearby woods and hunting animals. Then, that day came, 4 years later. The Munit Archery Tournament. His village had always taken the prize. 45 contestants from all over Munit Plains would gather to test eachother Archery skills. Many people were there, adults and children alike. He made it to the final four, but then, failed. I was a devastating day for him... and his family.
A seceret underground organization had watched the tournaments for years, and there had been rumours about the organization destroying all the Losing contestants lives. When Aze returned home, he found his mother, assassinated. He collapsed onto his straw bed, letting out all of his emotions. Then he saw a note, lying on his crafting table. He picked it up, and read it; "Aze... with the tournament coming up, I have written this note. I have great faith that you will win, but who knows, right? I've heard all the rumours about that band of miscreants devastating everyone's lives.... so I wrote this, just in case I die.. if I am dead when you read this, don't mourn me, but go out into the woods. I have hidden a gift for you underneath your favorite place.... I Love You, ~ Mom."
As Aze read this, he instantly knew what his mother meant. He dashed out of the house, gripping the note tightly in his hand, his Archery equipment still on his back. Then he reached it, his favorite place in the whole world. the cove underneath the Waterfall in the woods. He would come here and relax when he got tired from hunting. When he entered the cove, nothing was apparent. He began moving rocks around, looking for what seemed like hours. when he was about ready to give up, he noticed a small glimmer of light near the entrance to the cove. He moved rocks out of the way and found a Large Green Earth Crystal, with another smashed note next to it. "I gave this to your father when we first met... take it. Who knows how it might come in handy."
With that, Aze went home, packed his supplies, and set off, to prepare himself for the next tournament, and to find the group neccessary for his mothers death. Practicing endlessly for the past 3 years...

Aze Kahhn

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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:16 pm

Beautifully done, possibly the best first Character yet. Just a little bit of advice, can you make an encyclopedia on the Kingdom or Empire or what ever that him and his village are in, completely open to your imagination since the Munit Plains have yet to be added on. Mind it isn't a kingdom but a geological area so I want you to add a nation.
Very well done and I hope to see more of your work in the RP.
Please specify race.


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Post  Caleb Ilano on Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:20 pm

Two things, personality MUST be longer, as it is MORE important than BG, and I suggest fire for affinnity due to the personality.

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