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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:27 pm

Sithis the Fire Bringer, Lord of Destruction

"Whence cometh Evil? Evil cometh apon the loss of all good, but I bring much more then Evil I bring sanctuary." - Book of Destruction line 33 verse 12

Sithis is hands down the most malevolent of the three God's, he is the son of Gaia and Meirn.
The conception of Sithis is spoken as one of the most amazing creations of all to grace our world, unfortunately Sithis did not bring grace to the mortal plain he simply hunted it. But it is still amazing, it is said when the two God's Gaia and Meirn first made love for the first time they created many new things and with Sithis came into the world Music it is said that from the very first Symphony was born Sithis.
Gaia and Meirn however did not have time for Sithis and turned a blind eye on their child for so much was left to do in the young new world. This is the heart of his nature Sithis in defiance attempted to mock the Dread and into the world many new things were born of his rage and loneliness those being the Daemons, Necromancy and of course he was the first to introduce Fire to Men. Thus sewing the seed of destruction he may not have created Death but he taught the Mortal races about it and how to kill one another. All in an attempt to anger his Parents.
Of course as the world aged as did Sithis he learned to guide his Children with a gentle hand. However his rage has often been sparked and Sithis is quick to the slaughter even of his own.
Sithis is often compared to Meirn, he runs his followers similar to those of Meirn possibly just the opposite which angered Meirn leaving them with a hollow relationship. Gaia on the other hand, he always tried to please his Mother but when he brought Fire into the world and destroyed many forrests she never looked at him again. Yes Sithis is possibly the most understandable of the gods, which makes him surprisingly popular.
His followers include.. The Daemons of Oblivion, the Flame Dwarves and Blood Elves and many far flung people.
Just like his parents Sithis chose three Angels to guide his flock on the mortal plain these three being..

1. Thirgos lord of souls
2. Daemius king of chaos
3. Kythron bringer of destruction

Those who are greatly blessed by Sithis are often great warriors. Occasionally Sithis will take a great follower and bless him with eternal life inside the void, although to a follower of Meirn or Gaia this is more of a curse.

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