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Post  Allanon Creel on Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:42 am

Character Name:

Character Alignment:
Dread Very Evil

Desired Affinity Element:

Desired Village:
Castle Maldor


Desired Rank:
Royal Necromancer


Starting Inventory:
Steel Scalemail, Steel spike-helm, Silver Vambraces, Torn cape, Longsword of the Dread, Shield of Darkness, Greatspear


Sul-Torak Lich_Knight_by_mr_nick2

Combat styling:
Throughout his previous life Sul-Torak was a dedicated servant of the Father Dread and Master bladesman and necromancer, nothing has changed.

Character Personality:
If you wished to to imagine this dark creature's view upon the world you would need to rip a fetus from the mother then kill them both. Why would someone do this, no one but Sul-Torak knows, but it is simply one of the sick things this man has done, should you judge him by his appearance. Sul is a hard leader and has no tollerance for anything but total and utter submission.

Background Info:
In his previous life Sul-Torak was a faithful and dedicated servant of the Father Dread, a master swordsman and was a necromancer of unparralelled skill. When he died Sul was remade by another necromancer and given another chance at life and vowed he would start the re-darkening of the refugee world the other gods created. He was fortunate enough to retain all his memories and regain all his experiences and knoledge when he was born.
The barbariens of Mortuli did not know they had brought their own doom upon themselves. Sul's childhood in Mortulis was simply a long wait until he would be powerful enough to claim the nation for "his master". He set up his roots by acquaintancing himself with every boy who he could twist to his biddings. At the age of 15 he planted his views into their heads about the dread father, with a little bit of magic of cource and they were his. Along with his help at the age of 19 his childhood friends reached high places in the monastry, one a head in public council, one a general and one a head scholar at Mortulia's top shool district. He himself was a nation-renown General for his magic skills and prowess with the blade. Some even commented that "You have the skill of 2 men!" but they did not know how very accurate they were. At the age of 27 he finally peaked in his magical abilities and strength and that is when he eliminated the competition for the throne, not for himself but for the pawn of a general he was allied with. For if he attended the thrown his renown would be too high for him to remain inconspicuous, no he was aiming for head chancelor to his king.
It took 4 years for his goal to be achieved, and in that time his people's age-old foes had taken notice to his people's inhumane appearance and behavior yet they could not possibly divine how deep this cut to their world was. His people were already a necromancer's dream: the people had begun to or already had been brainwashed by the scholars about the glory of the Father Dread, yet were believing it was of their own doing, thus keeping morale up and intellegence down. The appearance itself of the people would be grotesque for one who was not acustomed to it, either looking like the walking dead or with serious unnatural difformities.

RP sample:
"There is nothing that may hope towithstand the might of The Dread Father. He penetrates every shield thought desire and dream and makes it his own!" Sul-Torak voiced from the shadows. "Come, come and fight like a true man!" the warrior shouted. "As you desire..." Sul replied, almost materializing behind him and shoving his sword through the man. "what is happening is your soul is being siphoned off to another man, that is what..." Sul replied, as the man's last thoughts flowed into him, revitalizing him at the same time.

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