how to do a quest

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how to do a quest

Post  Spinner on Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:11 am

Ok again I'm really new to RP'ing so bear with me.

I really don't know how to start off a quest or a fight. Do you just make up any quest and let anyone join in? Or do you need to set it up with the other person before starting a quest or a fight?

thx in advance

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Re: how to do a quest

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:46 am

SO Basicaly what you do is you start a first person narative in the present tense most likely and you leave an opening for an anonymous or specific character to join you, posted in Practice Quests.

Yuri walked through the forrest shivering it was of course cold at night and being in the tundra didn't help the fact.
Who was it the Witch had sent him to look for? She said he'd know who it was when he came apon them, not much was right about that Witch but she was never wrong.
Then he saw it a dark figure looming in the distance imbetween two trees. Could this be his contact?

Ex2. This one is of a specific character request.

"Oh there you are Chris!" Said Tanner smiling, he was almost sure he could find the pasty lonely kid in the middle of the plaza. Hopefully Chris wasn't intimdated by how amazing Tanner was, but then again you never know with lonely little losers like his freind.
"Umm Uh dur?" Said Chris, fearing for their lives as he knew the task at hand was going to be arduous.
"So are you ready to go kill that Generic red dragon with guns and grenades?!" Tanner shouted gleefully.

With example one you would've left an opening for anyone to join your quest, basically they would be that dark ominous figure and your contact, apon coming out of the darkness they would reveal themselves and the two of you would begin what ever quest you could come up with.
There are a few rules however, like Example 2 it doesn't help to make fun of the Admin. Also never put words in the mouth of another person character. So happy hunting Very Happy

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