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Character Name:
(refer to topic title)

Character Alignment:

Desired Affinity Element:

Desired Village:


Desired Rank:


Starting Inventory:
Spellbook for advanced spells that I can't memorize.


Combat styling:
Due to the fact that Lucas is an Aquamancer, Lucas relies on his control over water. Lucas doesn't like hand-to-hand combat and calls it "messy and uncivilized" Lucas has mastered the way to slightly change the density of water so he is able to use water sort of offense as well as defense. Lucas tends to stay in one place and manipulate water to defeat his enemies.

Character Personality:
Lucas is a very religious man and believes what he does is "in the name of Meirn". He is a kind man and very merciful. He believes that everything happens due to the will of Meirn. If confronted with a non-believer, Lucas treats them the same way as he does to everyone else. He believes that everyone is equal and there is no such thing as the "superior", Meirn made everything equal. Fighting is something done only when there is no other option, during fights, he undergoes a mental transformation and is without any mercy. Even though he doesn't like fighting, Lucas continuously trains because he knows that sometimes, conflicts cannot be resolved by simply talking. Lucas smiles all the time and is a very polite man, but when he doesn't smile, it means that he's angry and you shouldn't get into the way or misfortune will befall you.

Background Info:
Lucas was born into a poor family on the edges of civilization. As a boy, Lucas knew that he was destined to plow land and harvest crops and pay taxes to the local King. His magic powers as an Aquamancer was not discovered until the day he turned 7.

Lucas went swimming the local lake with some of his friends hoping for a joyful day in the sun, but it was not to be. Local legends told of some kind of Kraken lived in the pool but they all knew that it was not possible for Krakens could only live in the deepest seas. Lucas was attacked first, the Kraken singled him out and pulled him underwater ready to drown his prey then eat it. Lucas cried out in fear, all his oxygen was gone and he knew he was about to drown. He shut his eyes gripped the tentacle holding onto him tightly and waited for the void. What happened next was not clear but the strong feeling of fear and the flow of adrenaline allowed his unknown magical abilities to click into action. He opened his eyes and discovered that he was able to breathe underwater, but the danger of the Kraken was still present. He saw that the lake was deeper than anyone expected and that it was connected to the sea with some underwater tunnel which explained the Kraken's presence. He used his mind and thought of prying the Kraken's tentacle and pulling himself free. To his despair, it didn't work. He was then slowly dragged towards the Kraken's beak to be eaten. Lucas didn't give up and continued to struggle for his life, this time, he devoted all his willpower into escaping. All thoughts flowed out of him leaving himself only thinking of making the Kraken letting him go. Suddenly, the Kraken cried out in pain and let Lucas go. Lucas then swam himself to the surface but noticed that he wasn't moving his limbs and the water was pushing him forward. It was then, when he decided to train himself in the ways of an Aquamancer.

No longer was Lucas a poor farm boy. He was no longer destined to plow the fields, harvest crops and pay the King for life, he was something more now. He could become a somebody. He waved goodbye to his parents and set off in a journey of discovery. He was now 12 and had a basic understanding of how to manipulate water. He eventually wandered upon the Templar Order and learned of Meirn. He then believed that his life was the will of Meirn and obviously, the priest did a helluva job converting Lucas. He now too late for the basic training all boys received in Ponferrada so he was put under the guidance of a Templar Sergeant who constantly picked on Lucas for not being adept with the shield and sword. Lucas was constantly put through rigorous physical training and was usually too exhausted to practice his skills as an Aquamancer. With the lack of skill with the shield and sword, Lucas excelled in physical hand-to-hand combat but hated it deeply. He never liked getting his hands dirty. He was now 14, and was a match to any other 14 boy who received 3 years of training.

Once his training was complete, he decided to sharpen his abilities as an Aquamancer before he joined the Templar Military. He sought the Tutelage of Templar Magician Wesley Bromson who, even though had no idea how to train an Aquamancer, made Lucas a formidable Aquamancer. Wesley's teachings always focused on spiritual connections between Meirn and oneself. Complete dominance over your mind allowed you to do whatever you pleased, that was the key to success to any kind of magic user. Wesley Bromson, being one of the Templar Order's renown magicians, was granted access into the Templar Order's sacred libraries. Upon finishing his tutelage under Wesley Bromson, the magician gave Lucas a spellbook wrote specifically for Aquamancers. He was now 19 and it was time, to permanently join the military.

Immediately, he was denied entrance into the Glorious Legions for he was not able to skillfully use the shield and sword nor any other weapon. Lucas relied heavily on his magical ability and because of that, he was not able to enter. He went back and consulted with Wesley, and together, they decided to open a new branch of the Templar Military that was going to made up of magic users, and thus, the Sons of Sanguine were born.

Now, at the age of 27, having experienced 8 years of real combat and 8 years of magical and physical training, Lucas Greyson, is now a wise and hardened veteran that prefers to stay home at the Templar Order alongside Master Bromson with a couple other experienced master magicians guiding and commanding the Sons of Sanguine.

RP sample:

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