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Post  Dupre Gaillard on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:08 pm

Character Name: Dupré Gaillard

Character Alignment: Neutral

Desired Affinity Element: Water

Desired Village: A quaint, private cottage about an hour away by carriage from Redrook.

Age: 23

Desired Rank:

Gender: Male

Starting Inventory:
A small intricate knife,
Several curious odds and ends having to do with alchemy,
A small pocket notebook,
A larger journal,
All the essential equipment for tea-making,
A pair of reading glasses.

Dupré Gaillard Huey_l10

Combat styling:
Dupré uses a combination of simpler magics and serums that he has concocted throughout the years. His small ornate knife is rarely pulled out, but Dupré is adept at using it to its fullest.

Character Personality:
Dupré Gaillard is a gentile and quite man, who loves the quaint life of his cottage. He shares a mutual love with his wife Laure Buraut. He is intelligent but also quite eccentric, often coming up with his own alchemical creations, as well as inventions dealing with his automatons. Dupré is an avid tea drinker, his first automaton being a tea serving doll. He inherited his fathers calculating demeanor and his mothers obsession with note taking.

Background Info:
Dupré Gaillard had a quiet childhood. Hardly any excitement, any adventure. It was a paradise, a haven for Dupré. He enjoyed the simple life that he led with his parents and sister in their cottage outside of Redrook. A brook crossed through the glade where the cottage was located. Dupré's father created porcelain automatons during his spare time. It was one of their sources of income. The main being Dupré's mother who worked in the heart of Redrook. As life passed, Dupré quickly discovered his talents for alchemy and automaton creation. His father was proud of him, having inherited the family traits. Dupré married at twenty. His parents had moved into inside Redrook, giving Dupré and his wife Laure the cottage for themselves. Laure is currently away visiting her parents in Sweinhien.
Dupre Gaillard
Dupre Gaillard

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Post  Caleb Ilano on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:29 pm

Glad to have such a peaceful yet interesting character.


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by making his world a little colder now. Hey Jude."
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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:43 pm

BURGERTIME! I mean well done!

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