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Post  Everett Dealer on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:15 am

Character Name:
Frank Sticher

Character Alignment:

Desired Affinity Element:

Desired Village:

physical: 35
chronological: 95

Desired Rank:


Starting Inventory:
Lots of different potions (health, strength, etc.)
lots of poisons (paralytics, neuotoxins
short sword
alchemist's fire
lightning in a jar
Set of scalpels

Frank Stitcher  Artwor10

Combat styling:
Prefers not to fight but has basic training with his short sword. If over powered he uses his grenades and such, so that if it doesn't kill them he has time to escape. But Stitcher's favorite thing to do in combat is drug opponents in order to obtain more test subjects.

Character Personality:
Frank Stitcher is hubristic, charismatic, extremely intelligent, and heartless. He is absolutely dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. He never does any thing that does not contribute to his goal of perfect knowledge of autonomy. Stitcher no longer views his fellow humans as people, only test subjects along with all other living beings. Stitcher is by no means a coward, but he is aware that his combat skills are mediocre at best, so he avoids combat when ever he can. He prefers to manipulate people using charisma or/drugs, which ever suits the situation best. Stitcher has a high opinion of himself, but is extremely strong willed and so is unlikely to be manipulated himself. He also look's down on practitioner's of medical madgic. Finally, Stitcher enjoys having complete control over a situation and perfect knowledge of any situation he finds himself in.

Background Info:
Frank Stitcher was born Gregory Smaller 95 years ago, in a small village in Kotepia. It was apparent from a young age that Gregory was a smart kid and fascinated by how things worked. When he was ten years old Gregory was apprenticed to the town healer, but it soon became obvious that Gregory only had skill at sewing people back together. He had little magic in him. During his free time he also helped the blacksmith due to his love of fixing thing. Gregory's childhood was lost when the village was attacked by bandits. He brother led the defense due to his training as a battle mage in the kings army. Unfortunately, his brother was struck down while preparing a spell. As the healer cast her healing spells, the two magics mixed, causing his brother to explode, killing the healer and scaring Gregory for life. Gregory then fled the battle, embarking on a journey to find knowledge.
30 years later Gregory had accumulated much knowledge and skill. His fame had spread and thus he was hired as the chief healer and natural philosopher of the duchy of Gravigone. The Duke Gravigone wished to acquire a reputation for the new duchy as a place of learning a thus gave Gregory all the resources available. Over the next five years Gregory expanded his knowledge, taught the Duke's men several medicinal skills, and conducted secret unethical experiments. Those experiments resulted in Gregory's greatest achievement, a giant man, ten feet tall, stitched together from the body parts of the dead and brought to life by lightning. However, the Monster proved uncontrollable and destroyed the castle and town and terrorised the country side, killing the Duke and destroying the duchy. Gregory simple took some notes, pack up his vital supplies and fled into the night.
For the next fifty years Gregory expanded his knowledge, performed numerous experiments and made innumerable discoveries, adopting several different identities along the way. Frank Stitcher is simply the most recent one. Stitcher's achievements include capturing lightning in a jar, creating the Liquid Living, bringing the dead back to life using electricity, inventing the scalpel, developing many potions, anesthetics, drugs, etc. and inventing cosmetic surgery. Stitcher owes his apparent youth to a series of longevity-inducing drugs and a technique in which he surgically removes someone's face and graft's it onto his own.

RP sample:

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Frank Stitcher  Empty Re: Frank Stitcher

Post  Caleb Ilano on Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:50 pm


Try not to kill and steal the faces of any characters please.

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