Thrown into strife.

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Thrown into strife.

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:57 pm

A war between the Ironwood Imperium and the elves has started; no this is not the usual raids. A massive host is gathering at the southernmost border of the Chavlarus mountains. The Ironwood diplomats have proclaimed that the Northern tip of the continent has had enough free reign and should thus be brought underneath it's heel once and for all. Massing to meet the threat a combined host of the two Dwarvish clans and plains Elves. Every independent nation has been asked to do what ever possible to aid with the war effort.. To make matters worse Orcs have been raiding deep within Axony as well as the Highlanders. This time killing a prestigious family and the Axon parliament has voted upon declaring war on the Derniad. The expanses High Chieftain is pleading innocence and blaming the wild acts of violence on the Wilderkin but parliament is firm in it's resolution. Another declaration of war has been declared against the barbarians and Axon diplomats are requesting the aid of Laeirnhein.
With little left to meet the threat and this absolute distraction Mortulia has subsequently commenced a minor incursion into southernmost Kotepia to claim what they call, "holy land." Ponferrada has declared unanimous and full on support for the cause of Kotepia.
It seems the impossible has happened.
The world is at war.

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