The Liquid Living

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The Liquid Living

Post  Everett Dealer on Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:03 pm

The Liquid Living were created over forty years ago by Frank Stitcher in one of his many experiments. The Liquid Living, or slimes as they are called in common parlance, are simply water brought to life by a unique mix of chemicals. They feed off of the blood of most any species (or to bring a level of scientific accuracy not necessary for a fantasy forum, they convert hemoglobin in to the chemicals that give them life.) Liquid living feed by absorbing an animal, then producing a acid which dissolves the flesh and releases the blood. This acid is also sticky and Liquid living can coat themselves in it to crawl on walls, ceilings, and whatnot. The acid is not fast acting to if you touch a sticky Liquid Living it will only burn a bit instead of killing you. That said, being absorbed by a Liquid Living is a slow and painful death. Any thing the Liquid Living cannot "digest" is expelled once the meal is done, which can take weeks. Some of the original Liquid living escaped Stitcher's confinement and began to reproduce in the wild. Suprisingly instead of disturbing the environmental balance, they fit right into any habitat they find them selves in. As Liquid Living age they grow in size. Once they reach they limit at which they can still move they find a body of water of significant size and expel the excess chemical, returning to their original size. The expelled chemicals bring a portion of the surrounding water to life and a new Liquid Living is born. Liquid Living cannot be killed by simply hacking away at it. They simply "roll with the punches". They can only killed by magic or altering their delicate chemical structure. The original Liquid Living were so delicate that some died when their meals soiled themselves in fear. The Current generation are more hardy but will still die if you dump your health potion in them.

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Re: The Liquid Living

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:55 pm

Approved, but please you didn't have to bring Savannah into the RP.

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