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Character Name:
Serra Rayban

Character Alignment:
Neutral Good

Desired Affinity Element:



Desired Rank:


Starting Inventory:
Apothecary's satchel and cane.

Serra Rayban G3hcI

Combat styling:
Serra is not a fighter, she's a member of the Highever Stewards order; to the Elves this is a grand and honourable position. The Stewards serve as diplomats, scouts, rulers, scholars, doctors - almost any roll that requires a level of education. The Stewards and Stewardesses are usually young men and women, full of the spirit of adventure, hoping to learn and help the world around them. Currently Serra is working as a diplomat.

Character Personality:
Serra is a gentle soul, she lived in isolation the majority of her childhood - due to her being born blind. The race of Elves are different to that of Men in the sense that they express a good portion of their thoughts via eye contact.. Having milky passive eyes there was nothing she could do. She never resented her fellows for ostracising her, but her entire life she merely wanted to find somewhere where she could belong. If you asked her what she would give for sight, she'd simply smile and tell you nothing - the loss of her eye sight gave her a mastery of her other senses. Kind and gentle but impassioned, Serra hopes to do what ever she can to stop the brutal Ironwood elves from invading the North of the continent.

Background Info:
Serra was born in Novawood, with her brother and father, sadly her mother died during childbirth. She was born in a grave time, within the very same month the Ironwood Imperium began it's march on the sacred grove; hoping on capturing the hidden city. Her father and brother were both members of the Keepers and died valiantly among many others, attempting to hold back the Imperium long enough for the women and children to evacuate. She was dumped upon a group of war orphans being lodged in the new city of Vaylence. Safe and away from the fighting she was raised in a church to Gaia. From the priests there she learned many things and even how to overcome her blindness and feeling of isolation. The other Orphans never picked on her; but, due to her inability to pick up on their optical social queues, she was quickly left on her own to be ignored.
When she became old enough to leave the Orphanage she was at a loss with what do with herself, she had no family, no friends and being blind in this world.. Well it's a terrible fate. Strangely she decided to join the Stewards where her general knowledge gleaned within the Church were put to the test, her soft soothing voice quelled arguments and she became an extremely successful diplomat.
While a lot of the world rushed by her, she could not see the beautiful cities her people prided themselves on, nor the nature that the Druids sought to protect. All she could do was hear those around her and in that she knew what she had to do. She wanted to hear people happy, she wanted to smell a beautiful summer breeze not the fires of war nor the stench of death. Her reason for becoming a diplomat was to preserve the one thing that she found beautiful in the world, others.
Currently Serra is on a mission to end strife between the Dwarf clans and to gain support for the war from the kingdoms of Men.

RP sample:
"Grog-eyed puss sack!" The Dwarf draped in black shouted as he threw a punch towards the other. But the other was agile enough to step out of the way.
"Like I care what you say kin-slayer!"Spat the Dwarf draped in red. One from Raveneye and one from Warsong.
The crowd within the tavern was not startled nor shocked, since feuding between the two clans was as common as the setting of the suns; however, they did fuss to move out of the way - since the brawl was escalating as both drew their swords.
"I'll gut yee!" Screamed the Raveneye Dwarf.

Hearing the fight Serra lifted her head and made towards the sound, feeling the wooden rafters with her cane staying in between the tables. She made her way successfully to the site of the sound stepping in between the two who were clearly fighting.
"Sheathe your weapons and take your quarrels out on your drink not each other, sir dwarves." Serra calmly put as she stood firmly between the two hoping to stop their conflict from turning into bloodshed.
"Stay out of this long ear, my qualms are with the Warsong clan not you. Move out of the way or I'll be force to gut both of ya'." Threatened the Raveneye Dwarf surprised at her attempt to intervene.
"This is between me and him, m'lady get out of here before you hurt yourself!" Seconded the Warsong dwarf preparing himself for the fight.

"You have made it the business of all here, now please put down your weapons - why would you want to fight each other over something so petty. We have real enemies and if we continue to stand divided, there is no way we shall avail." Serra pleaded, she moved towards the Raveneye dwarf feeling towards him she placed her hand over his weapon. "Is it really worth it?"

The two Dwarves both exchanged confused glances, who was this blind Elf and why did she give off such a benevolent disarming aura? "This isn't over.." Grumbled the Raveneye Dwarf as he hesitantly sheathed his weapon backing out of the fight.

Maybe not yet but some day all of your squabbles will be Dwarf and maybe on that day, you'll see how foolish it's all been. Thought Serra, saddened at the truth behind the world but content with her small personal victory here today. A man grabbed her arm curtly but not forcefully.
"Let me lead you back to your table, thank you for what you did m'lady. Anything you want on the house." The Innkeeper said as he gently lead her back to her table.
"Well now that the chance of violence is gone, I've already gotten all I want out of here." Serra said smiling.

/人‿‿人\ Let's make a contract. /人 ‿‿ 人\
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