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Post  Everett Dealer on Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:20 am

Character Name:
Katherine Grayson.

Character Alignment:
Lawful Good.
(Chaotic Evil.)

Desired Affinity Element:



Desired Rank:


Starting Inventory:
Leather armor, healing herbs, Short sword, short bow and arrows.

Katherine Grayson.
Katherine Grayson Stf16410

Katherine Grayson Li171_10
Combat styling:
Katherine has been trained in the use of both the sword and the bow and can use either with skill. However, in truly life threatening situations a physical transformation takes places and Catherine emerges. Catherine is a extremely skilled and feral combatant, with claws that can tear through leather and sharp fangs.

Character Personality:
Katherine is a strong independent woman. She believes in protecting the weak and punishing evil doers. She is also very kind and tries to help any one she meets with any problems they may have. She speaks softly but with great determination. She only fears one thing and that's her alternate personality, Catherine. Catherine is, well, Psychotic. Anytime she takes control she acts in a feral and animalistic manner. However she has the same amount of intelligence as Katherine and often taunts her in her dreams.

Background Info:
When Katherine was born her father prayed to any god that would listen for his daughter to be protected from the evil of Belhurst. All three gods answered. Meirn gave her great strength of will and a strong sense of justice so that she could protect her self and would never be lead astray by temptation. Gaia gave her great beauty and kindness so that others would endeavor to protect her. But it was Sithis who gave her the greatest gift, a gift that would not reveal it self for years. Katherine grew up happy and protected, insofar as a child of Belhurst can have either happiness or protection. Her kindness and magical ability got her apprenticed to the village healer, who really needed the help and was courted by the most eligible bachelors in the village. But on her sixteenth birthday this blessed time was shattered. He current lover tried to rape her and Sithis' gift revealed it self. Catherine emerged and tore the potential rapist limb from limb. As soon Katherine regained control she fled to Axony. She then became a knight-healer and has since focused on helping her adopted country. She now lives in terror of Catherine getting loose and killing again, costing her the position she loves amongst the knights.

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Katherine Grayson Empty Re: Katherine Grayson

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:43 am


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Character sheet
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Next Level:
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