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Post  Everett Dealer on Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:16 pm

Character Name:
Jason Kilbride.

Character Alignment:
Chaotic neutral.

Desired Affinity Element:



Desired Rank:


Starting Inventory:
Trail rations, an empty journal (Jason lacks the focus to actually write in it but carries it out of habit.), 2 daggers.

Jason Kilbride 0ab06411
Eyes are blue.

Combat styling:
Jason measures his success by counting his opponent's smoking holes. He loves large, dangerous spells, especially fire spells.

Character Personality:
Jason loves adventure, danger and pranks. He is very energetic but at the same time determined. He has never enjoyed being tied to one place or person for long, but his great sense of humor helps him gain friends where ever he goes. That is until he pisses them off with the wrong joke or prank. The thing Jason loves most are pranks or jokes. He also hates to study or sit still and prefers action. Jason believe himself to have a greater destiny, due to the unique nature of his magic, and this gives him great confidence. He may not be humble about that fact but at least he isn't egotistic either. Finally, Jason is self centered and will only help people if he thinks it's going to be fun.

Background Info:
Jason grew up in a small village in backwater kotepia. His life was uneventful until his tenth birthday. He was playing with his friends when he just stopped and stood still with a dumbstruck expression on his face. Before anyone could ask him what was wrong, his eyes started to glow white, and when he spoke in a voice that was not his own an explosion of light blinded the entire village, with several of those closest to him never seeing again. With his ability for magic reveled and the entire village fearing he, he got shipped off to a magic school, the first of many.
Like regular mages and wizards Jason's magic requires speaking words of power. Unlike regular magic, which requires years of study to discover the right words and lots of self control to focus internal power into magical effects, Jason's magic is instinctive. That is, he doesn't need to focus to cast spells and anytime he's says the words the spell activates. Also, where regular spells need to carefully worded to avoid loss of control, Jason can say few words and the magic responds to what he wants to happen. Jason's magic uses a unique vocabulary that no one else can use to magical effect. Jason vocabulary is currently limited and he has no control over when he learns a new word. When he does, the same thing happens as his birthday but never to the same degree.
Jason is well traveled, with his penchant for pranks and the impossibility of teaching him in traditional magic resulting in he getting kicked out of any school of magic he may attend. However there is always another willing to take him in, at least for a little while.

RP sample:
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Character sheet
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