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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:44 pm

Character Name:
Uru Hutdai

Character Alignment:*

Desired Affinity Element:





Starting Inventory:*
Trapping gear, a shortbow and arrows, hunting knife.

Uru Hutdai 0k7Xn

Combat styling:
Uru fights using his bow and arrow at range and if it gets to it his knife in close combat; a lot find it strange that he prefers ranged combat due to his massive size but he's a hunter by profession after all and sticks with what is the most familiar.

Character Personality:
Uru is a kind person, firey and passionate but easily annoyed. His one true love went insane, due to the fact that she could not handle the gift of prophecy, that was bestowed upon her. This has caused great strain on him and lately he's become very pessimistic in all things thinking that the wonderful dream life he'd built for himself will all be lost. Growing up in the lands of men as an Orc, had not only made him an outcast; but, hated since their kind were known as not much more than mindless beasts. So he's at times rather distrustful with people whom were distrustful with him yet at the same time he constantly works hard to redeem the image his neighbours and friends have of his people.

Background Info:
Uru lives in the small village of Far-Off set in the far south of Axony, a land of dense forests and mythic beasts. He's always lived in the village and although being so foreign in descent has never experienced anything other than small town life - his parents moved from the Derniad due to being persecuted for the want of magical knowledge. A taboo among expanse Orc society. Unfortunately none of that mystical prowess was passed down to Uru in fact it even further isolated him from the new surroundings if you think the son of an Orc is bad enough try the son of an Orc shaman. After his parents died he followed his calling and became the towns head hunter. Which would often lead him into the woods on great journeys and hunts, he felt like he was not only reconnecting with his roots; but, that he had breathing room from being suspect number one in a small village. In the village there is an order of oracles, children had been born there for years with visions of the past and future, due to it's proximity with the magical forest and spirits of nature whom frolicked nearby. One of these oracles would be his wife, a beautiful young girl who saw Uru for more than just an Orc but a person - she became his entire world and he finally felt like he was no longer alone in his new home. Sadly the great spirit Narlu reached out to her and she was not deemed worthy of his gift shattering her mind so it seems.. From the little knowledge of shamanistic magic his parents had taught him, he believes that if he were to convince Narlu to revoke the gift, then she would be herself once more.

/人‿‿人\ Let's make a contract. /人 ‿‿ 人\
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