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Post  Everett Dealer on Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:02 pm

Character Name:
Gideon Strider

Character Alignment:
Chaotic neutral

Desired Affinity Element:


Physical 30
chronological 201



Starting Inventory:*
Cutlass, One handed cross-bow and bolts, spiked chain.

Gideon Strider Unchar10

Combat styling:
Although never formally trained in any kind of combat, Gideon has a natural aptitude for it and has had over a century and a half to practice and gain experience. Thus, he is a master of his chosen weapons: the cutlass, one-handed crossbow and the spiked chain he wears as a belt. Gideon has engages readily with either the cutlass or the crossbow and only uses the chain when he loses the cutlass and is to close to use the crossbow. With the chain, Gideon uses it to keep enemies at a distance and disarm them.

Character Personality:
Gideon is a adventurer first and foremost. He loves to travel and discover new places. Though he has found many treasures and enjoys the adoration of the entirety of Darasum, Gideon feels that the journey is it's own reward. Gideon is very rarely serious and always looks on the bright side. His sense of humor is near-legendary and he can make friends of anyone.

Background Info:
Gideon was raised in a small farming village and from a young age was more trouble than could be handled. He never did his work preferring to explore the surrounding country side. At fifteen he and his family came to the mutual agreement that he had to leave home, so he set of on a eternal adventure. Gideon traveled for several years before discovering his first great find: the fountain of youth. The guardian of the fountain agreed to let him drink from it so long as he swore to never reveal it's location. So Gideon drank and was gifted with eternal youth. Over the years Gideon has traveled all over Darasum, exploring all sorts dangerous locations such as the Isle of the Monstrous. Because of his travels Gideon's name is know all over the continent and is the closest thing Darasum has to a celebrity. Everyone has heard of Gideon Strider even if they haven't met him.

RP sample:

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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:43 pm


/人‿‿人\ Let's make a contract. /人 ‿‿ 人\
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Character sheet
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Next Level:
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