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The Isle of the Monstrous Empty The Isle of the Monstrous

Post  Everett Dealer on Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:37 pm

The Isle of the Monstrous is a large island off the eastern coast of Darasum. It is a forbidding place covered in terrible monsters and creepy forests. The Isle is actually the crystallized form of a fraction of a fraction of the Dread Father's power. As a result all the native wild life has been corrupted beyond comprehension.
The actual island is split between the beach and the internal forests. The beach is a nothing of the sort. It is a hard shelf of a glass-like element colored the deepest black. Landing a boat on the island is next to impossible thanks to the shallows hiding reefs of the dark crystal that will tear any approaching boat to shreds. The forest is filled with crooked, sick looking trees wit black leaves that block out the sky. Everything in the forest is a predator, from the nightmarish animals to many of the plants and the only sentients on the Isle, the Monstrous themselves.
The Monstrous have descended from humans that crashed on the island long ago. Corrupted just like the animals, the Monstrous now look very little like humans. They have pale grey skin and hair that ranges from deepest black to faintest white. Their eyes come in four colors: midnight black, snow white, blood red and a sick bright green that almost glows. They have mouths full of fangs and their fingers have been replaced by foot-long claws. The Monstrous are cannibalistic, eating any sentient species they can get their hands, er, claws on. All Monstrous are insane in someway, ranging from hearing a voice or two, to completely deranged.
The only human to ever escape from the Isle of the Monstrous is the famed traveler Gideon Strider, and thus all the above knowledge has been reported by him to the academics of Darasum, except for the origin of the Isle.

Here's a picture of the most a typical monster on the island.
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