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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:53 pm

Character Name:
Erath Durnstrom

Character Alignment:*
Chaotic Good

Desired Affinity Element:



Shield Bearer of Sorin


Starting Inventory:*
Armour, Shield and sword.

Erath Durnstrom Y3r0y

Combat styling:
Fighting is second nature to the shield bearers and thus Erath is no different, fighting with a flurry like a whirl wind they have been remarked to place their shields in the line of strikes that were not even thought of yet by the opponent.

Character Personality:
Distant and foreign, such is the characteristics of any member of the Shield Bearers. Erath is no different, like his brothers he's on a higher mission - one with purpose. The point of the Shield bearers distant attitude is of course so they can leave small traces behind and slip back into the background unnoticed; however, this often ends up isolating them and drawing unnecessary attention, to these vigilant watchers in the night.

Background Info:
Nothing is known about Erath, then again the motto of the Shield Bearers is the infamed - "Shield thine heart against the past, shield thine face against their wrath." Holding silent vigil and keeping your history a secret are two of the fundamental rules of the brotherhood. In fact it's rumoured the Shield Bearers do not even have a past, that they are entirely bred for their duty or that what ever past they ever had was forced out of them.

RP sample:
Under the shade of a dead tree stood a man fully adorned in spotless golden armour his face masked behind his nose guard and visor.
"So. Was he caught?" Questioned a voice as cold as winter from behind the mask.
"Yes that's him right there, hanging from the tree." Replied Erath blandly as he lazily raised an arm to point at a small man strung up by his neck from a tree - a host of crows had settled to feast upon his eyes. And those of his now felled host. The man had learned a grave secret about the fraternity and bought an army to keep it. Unfortunately for him it was not to be enough.
"We must be getting on brother; our work here is finished." Commanded the man leaning against the tree as he removed himself from his previous position and began to walk off into the distance. Walking in the exact opposite direction Erath wondered where his feet were taking him - yet sure enough they always seemed to find just what it was he was looking for.

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