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Post  Guest on Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:07 pm

Character Name:
Zage Wavemourn

Character Alignment:
Neutral Good

Desired Affinity Element:




Starting Inventory:
Mage robes, cloth/leather type chest piece and enchanted gauntlet. (Used as an anchor for his mental breakdowns, and as a way to focus his mind.)

Zage Wavemourne 62448810

Combat styling:
No real offensive, he is capable of numbing the minds of his opponents causing the inability to cast more then simple spells, or take more then simple actions. In doing this though, it costs him an extreme amount of energy and he is unable to do much else. He is capable of telekinesis and minor telepathy (Reading the minds and sensing the feelings and instincts of specific "minor" beings around him.) He is proficient enough to launch minor projectiles and move objects but anything more difficult could prove potentially fatal. He is capable of stopping most attacks towards him but this requires immense concentration and leaves him in a vegetable like trance as well as draining him of his energy very fast.

Character Personality:
He is quite charismatic but is often shunned and considered to be a bit of a loner. This is most likely because his mind has a tendency of wandering off on him and he ends up muttering to himself mid sentence before comming back to reality. He is very determined when it comes to getting what he wants and he is morally just. He has a good sense of humor and is open minded about other peoples moral values although not sharing those same values himself. He believes he knows a lot more then the average person and although this may be true, he is always ready and willing to learn.

Background Info:
Zage suffers quite often from random mental breakdowns and fits in which he bursts out in cries of pain and is unable to do anything but spasm about as he waits for the effects to subside. He has been affected by these fits since he was a young boy and his earliest memory at the age of 11 and they have a very large impact on the way others see him and the way he sees himself, often as an outcast. His first memory is that of him waking up from what seemed to be a very long sleep. He opened his eyes to find himself lying in a warm bed and no clue as to where he was. Almost instantaneously a mage appeared before his eyes and welcomed him to the mages tower of Ponferrada. None of the mages in the tower seemed to know where the young boy had come from but that he was found unconscious on the tower grounds wearing the clothes of a commoner. After studying in the tower, Zage became able to use his powers more and more but still made little progress, the fits were simply too much. Zage was given a great gift but was unable to use it for he lacked the immense concentration required. Nonetheless Zage's life was a happy one and he enjoyed the time he spent studying in the tower and learning his art. On the eve of his 18th birthday Zage was approached by one of the archmage's studying in the tower and given what would soon become a life-changing gift. From this archmage Zage received his gauntlet and his new robes. The archmage informed him that he had been watching Zage's progress since he was first discovered in the tower and wished to further his progress. He handed Zage a wax-sealed note and muttering a few ancient words under his breath, exited through a portal that had formed in the wall. Zage, confused by the events that had just taken place opened the note and what he saw would turn his world upside down. Written on the small parchment read:
"Zage, You may not know anything about your childhood or me and your father but this is for the better, do not ever give up. One day you will hone your skills and one day i will hold you in my arms again. Travel the land and practice your art, be safe my son."

With this note in hand Zage set off for the capitol, unsure of what would await him outside of the tower.

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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:27 pm

Very approved, very Barry approved.

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