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Rapparbia: an explination Empty Rapparbia: an explination

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Rapparbia is located on the north-east coast of Darasum and has a temperate climate. Rapparbia is covered by fields, which are farmed by the peasants, and several forests and rivers. Rapparbia is home to many natural caves and ruins that are homes to ghosts and goblins and other beasts.

Rapparbia was founded a thousand years ago. Before that time, the region was home to hundreds of warring tribes and would have destroyed each other, if not for Reagise Godblade, then know as Strongblade. Reagise was the strongest and wisest of all the Warchiefs and he saw that the tribes would destroy each other and his beloved homeland would be taken over by foreigners. So he prayed to Meirn for the power to unite the tribes and his prayers were answered in the form of the Sword for which he is now remembered by. Using the Divine Sword, Reagise united a the tribes and founded the kingdom of Rapparbia. Each tribe was made into a duchy, and while the duchies have grown and shrunk and new duchies have been introduced and old ones have died, many of the most powerful duchies can trace their roots to one of the ancient tribes.

For the next seven hundred years the Godblades ruled Rapparbia, and all who held the throne also wielded the Blade, using it to protect the nation. However, as with all things, the integrity of the royal family decayed. The last of the Godblades was a petty man called Atlantale. He cared only for his own comfort and naught for the plight of his people. And their plight was great, for the Godblades had driven Rapparbia into the ground over the last hundred years in order to add to the comfort of the royal family. Finally, Ferachae Lando, Duke of the greatest duchy at the time and backed by priests of Miern that assured him that the Godblades no longer had a god given right to rule, lead a rebellion against the corrupt king. Lando was the leader of one of the greatest of duchies at the time. The rebels fought though the castle, finally making it to the throne room and confronting Atlantale. As Atlantale drew the Godblade it rejected the king, killing him and all his family in a flash of divine light. Ilano took the crown of Rapparbia but not the Sword as in their final years the Godblades had used it to intimidate the populace. Instead, King Lando decreed that no one would use the Blade and hide it away in the royal vaults.

The Landos ruled until forty years ago, when they were forced out due to the political manipulations of Sixos Regalen. The Duchy of Regalen was powerful duchy and a relatively new one, being only two hundred years old. Sixos took power by bringing to light enough embarrassing incidents, both real and false, that the Landos had to abdicate. The only reason Sixos did this was because he was a power-hungry man but he justified it with "I want to ensure the future of the nation and my family". Luckily his descendents are much better people then he.

The current royal family is the King, Burghag Regalen, grandson of Sixos,and his children, in order from eldest to youngest, Henner, Charlent, and the twins Shashalish, and Warmerenta. Burghag's wife, Shakaliss, died giving the birth to the twins.

Rapparbia's millitery is mostly foot soldiers provided by the duchies. They also have many knights, thanks to a large number of noble families, and battle mages, due to the fact that quite a few magical universities call Rapparbia home. The elite of the millitery are the Catasii, the Regalen families personal bodyguards. The Catasii have been with the Regalens since they founding of their duchy. They originally worked as secret assassins and they still do work in that area. However, ever since a Catasin saved Burghag from an assassination during the parade celebrating his tenth birthday they have become much more public and are respected through out the land
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