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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:44 pm

Character Name:
Enigma Essen

Character Alignment:*
Lawful Evil

Desired Affinity Element:



Imperial Geomancer


Starting Inventory:*
Ceremonial sword, armour

Enigma Essen 1vx6G

Combat styling:
Being a Geomancer, Enigma is one the most powerful magic users on the continent - being able to warp the Earth to his whim and call. He can fight with a sword as he pleases, since it's customary for each Imperial officer to carry a weapon into battle; no matter how meaningless it is. Being a Geomancer however; means that Enigma is more accustomed to having his men do the fighting for him.

Character Personality:
Enigma is one of the most successful generals of the Imperial Invasion force, having conquered numerous Elven strongholds and having actually beaten the infamous Dwarven general Targarean Warsong in a battle, routing his forces. This of course makes for a very arrogant and proud man but then again within the Imperial Army that's not an uncommon trait. Enigma is fiercely loyal to his emperor, after being honoured by the Emperor himself the gift of Geomancy Enigma swore undying loyalty and fealty. He's a racist and biggot, believing beyond doubt that the Ironwood Elves are the superior to all and he fiercely hates Humans with a passion considering their disinterest and low level involvement in the current conflict as a sign of cowardice. But his success was not gained by underestimating his foe and this has made him sharper to enemy tricks.

Background Info:
Enigma was born in the Imperiums capital and had an average upbringing among a noble family, he attended military school he fought numerous insurrections within the Northern territories and had the same creed, beliefs as all the others. One thing however; set him apart, Enigma was contacted as a child by Scithis and openly tested before his peers. The test seemed simple and he was asked to solve a problem. Scithis told him that if he could solve this problem and pass the test that he would teach Enigma a great deal about the world and give him great foresight in events that would come to pass. The test was Enigma was asked to slay his parents, apparently they had been sending medical aid secretly to rebel forces. Of course naturally you're thinking this doesn't seem simple at all, asking a boy to kill his own parents. But in the Ironwood culture love is second to honour and the Emperor's glory. So he did it, he killed his parents. But doing so, he failed the test.
The test was not to see whether or not he could act on command but simply whether or not he could think for himself, because Scithis lied to him. His parents were no traitors the evidence was false, had he thought critically a trait unlike his kind he would've realised easily that it was an elaborate rouse designed to test him.
From then on Enigma horror struck by what he had done quit the military school and went into solitude for years studying the great works of the world. When he came back out of the dessert and returned once more to the city he was an older man the world had changed and everyone was curious as to where he had gone and why. So hoping to sate his curiosity the Emperor had Enigma eat at his palace with him, hoping for him to recount his story. No one knows exactly what Enigma said to the Emperor, but it's believed that Enigma warned him of a great event to pass as the Emperor instantly proclaimed him a Geomancer, bestowed upon him the sacred magic and reinstated him as a general in the Imperial army.

RP sample:
A ringing sounded as a blinding flash of silver flickered within his vision; but, only for a moment, just a moment. It was the sound of a blade being drawn. The champion squared off with Enigma, he was the head of the rebellion and having his forces crushed in the cleverly executed pincer maneuver had nothing left to lose.
"I will not falter. Not before you." The Elf declared proudly as he prepared himself for the duel.
A similar sound to the first echoed one hundred times over errupted as Enigmas guard all drew their weapons, they would not let their Generals honour be sullied by this... Rebel.
Enigma gazing upon the heavily armoured host at his beck and call merely raised a slow and steady hand into the air ordering them to sheathe their swords. "That would be a great dishonour." He stated gently as he drew his own weapon, while it was only a ceremonial sword and no where near as sharp as the rebels he knew it would do. The Elf was not as heavily armoured as he was but Enigma considered it fair contest due to the superior weapon, after all compared to the silver tooth held within the Rebels hand his sword was nothing more than a toy.
He smiled to himself because he knew the Rebel thought the same.
"For Highever!" Boldly proclaimed the Rebel as he charged towards the waiting Geomancer. The Elf brought up his sword in a wide arc, and in a split second reversed the blade in a hooking motion hoping to catch Enigma off guard at the throat. The feign however was expected. Enigma easily parried the blow but as the two swords made impact he could feel the strain on his blade. It could not withstand a few more blows like that. The Rebel was a truly powerful fighter.
The Rebel nimbly hopped back smiling, he was clearly impressed by the Generals expectation of the strike but the smile was present because he also knew the sword would not last a few more strokes with such force behind it. Enigma took a brave step forward and pointed his sword towards the Elf, and with it beckoned him forward challenging him to broker his luck.
The challenge was accepted.
The Elf leapt at Enigma and swung his sword in a side ways slash, hoping to meet the flanking blow Enigma raised his sword in order to catch it mid air. This however; was, what the elf was anticipating and he quickly pulled his body to the left and reverse the blow into a stab.
Enigma winced in pain, his armour had blocked most of the jab but he took took one inch of steel into his gut.
Impressive. Thought Enigma as he steadied himself, he had clearly underestimated the foe, something he had sworn he'd never do. Of course overestimation can be just as lethal.
The Elf withdrew the sword knowing that the steel armour of his foe would give no quarter and he backed off circling the General, preparing for a renewed strike. He hoped to end it fast.
"No magic today Imperial?" Spat the Elf in a mocking tone. Enigma smiled to himself at the taunt, while he had been busy underestimating the Elf it seems they could both say the same.
Faking panic Enigma simply shook his head grimly, hoping to fool the Rebel. It worked.
Seizing the advantage now that his opponent was wounded the rebel advanced going in for one final strike poised at Enigmas throat. The wind up was strong and the aim was true, he knew that if he attempted to parry the stroke it would break his sword so he did what the Elf had not thought of. He tackled forward meeting the blow straight on. Surprise filled the Rebels eyes as the Geomancer dashed forward madly taking the blow at a glance across his shoulder plate snapping off pieces of armour yet rendering the strike completely harmless.
He was not so lucky however.
Looking down the Elf saw the hilt of the Generals sword, it had gone straight through. He collapsed.
Enigma put a stronger grip upon the blade and pushed the corpse off with his foot.
He'd won.
"Fool." He spoke softly and turned to face his cheering men.

/人‿‿人\ Let's make a contract. /人 ‿‿ 人\
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Post  Caleb Ilano on Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:08 am

I could only skim it, but it is quite good.
Don't be OP.


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