The Aer Empire

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The Aer Empire

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:57 am

Long ago far to the south of Darasum, lay a once powerful and prominent empire that of Aer. It was a land of high peaked mountains and flowing streams, one of mighty tree's and marble citadels. Living within these castles were the Aer, a proud race of bird men they were highly educated, civilised and true. Their people existed for one drive and one drive only, to bring order to those around them - at this time the people of the world were little more than savages, living in caves and experimenting with fire. Excluding the Dark Elves and those who had survived the recent catastrophe on the forgotten continent that is. They are the eldest mortal race left on Earth today; well what's left of them that is.
The Aer were mighty and just and commanded the skies before Dragons had even begun to hatch. Unfortunately for them they had rivals..
The Dark Elves watched in wonderment as the Aer flew over their skies but it was not the wonderment of awe but that of envy. Jealous the Dark Elves sought to better themselves hoping that one day they could slay the Aer and be the supreme rulers. Since that's always been the hopes and goals of the Dark Elves.

When the crusades had ended and the Dark Elf Imperium was all powerful only one real mortal force kept them at bay before the gods intervened and that was their long hated enemies. The Aer. Since the mortal armies could do nothing against the might of Imperial Geomancers who would merely smash their formations with Earth, the grand order of Aer Equites would swoop in and kill the Geomancers from the sky forcing the Dark Elves into retreat. Sadly with time and their distance from their allies the Aer slowly began to die off until recently they were all but wiped out by the Dark Elves.

But the Aer are a long living and wise race and those few left will do anything in order to stop the madness that is the Imperium. Anything.

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