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Character Name:
Gothos Wren-- commonly known as Smiles

Character Alignment:*
Seemingly borderline Neutral/Chaotic Good (Lawful Good)

Desired Affinity Element:





Starting Inventory:*
Ingredient Satchel, tattered robes

Gothos Wren Tigerw10

Combat styling:
Gothos is an extremely fast, and though most don't realise, strong and adaptive hand-to-hand fighter who's punches often shatter bones. Should he be outnumbered too many to fight, those who find the torn and broken corpses wonder at how such marks were made by a mere man. Yet only Gothos and his victimes know he may morph into a giant tiger.

Character Personality:
Gothos is usually avoided either because he may be found talking to himself, saying undecipherable gibberish. That, or the fact his eyes are like those of a wildcat-slim pupil and yellow coloured, or it could be his unhumanly fluid movement or even his hunter-like intensity. The few who may uphold conversation with Gothos are usually either fairly pragmatic, so are focused on hearing him out, or, evidently, patient.

Background Info:
Gothos was born the son of formidable warrior and a Driad, a guardian of a forest. His father rejected him as some freak, for the feral gleam he saw in the child's eye upon birth so his mother took him in and taught him of the secrets of a forest. He grew up around animals, loving their company and begrudgedly spent a week at a time among his human fellows as well, once a year. Due to his inexperience in human speach,mannerisms and ettiquette he was mostly shunned yet forced to spend time with them none-the-less.
Around the age of 8 Gothos was came upon 6 sets of tracks he had never seen before-- and he litterally knew all the footprints of the creatures of Axony's northern forests by this time, and the tracks were flanked by large tracks he knew, though they were infrequent indeed- Giants. Curious, he followed the path, and came upon what must have been a scene of battle; toppled trees, and the corpses of two felled giants, one who's throat had been snapped like a twig. The other, his midsection torn out whom's weapon was embedded in what he felt was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. A female wolf the size of any warrior in the city, easily so, with a coat of sleek black and golden eyes. As he drew nearer a kind voice spoke in his mind, Dear boy, I am mortally wounded, so am gladened beyond your comprehension of your arrival, especially given your ties to this region. It was a gentle, soothing voice he realised was coming from the wolf. Even if another had happened by this spot now, I would chose no other than you, for your heart is pure, though to most that is veiled but that is of no matter. Do you accept the charges? She had asked. He needed not think, nor could not, for he could sense the physical pain, the emotional distress audible in the question. "Yes, yes, I will, I accept, whatever it may be, I accept!" There was silence, then the voice, newly filled with an unimaginable gratitude wearily replied Thank you. Gothos could not remember how long he had waited there, rooted in place anticipating the gift that was the
wolf's voice, though it never came. Subconciously he supposed he had known since the voice stopped, for his cheeks burned of tears and his vision was watery. He then heard the sounds, small whines coming from behind the wolf, and when he stumbled around her he knew this what what she had spoken of; her children. He knew the prescence that was now at his side, "Oh Otho, child you do not know how fortunate you are. You would ask of me to care for all but one and I am all too happy to protect those you cannot." "I don't understand, mother, why would I ask that? I can care for them." "Otho, the future seems troubleing indeed, and I would give... my son's company to impact it positively. Now, chose your companion." He remembered looking at the pups, could tell their family role by how they played. The warrior was pushing its lesser brother, the runt, the females watched. Yet one male was not in the scrap and was regarding him curiously and slowly, measuredly came to nuzzle him, and then sat. It had a white line of fur like a scar along its eye, thus he named the being that would grow with him to be his sole and most cherished friend: QuickSilver.

RP Sample: Dark red- seeming gibberish Red-Understandable language

"Oh, wuld'ga look what we ere' eh boys?" The alley bandit grinned malevolently, gesturing his comrads to awaken. The men tried to hear the incomprehensible monologue from this brute.Mild irritation, a seeming alley block by several somewhat armed thugs. Problem? Not likely, relevance? somewhat, the city may want these men removed."So, you boys would wish to challenge me for what? What have I on my person that so interest the street rats?" The thug's smirk was diminishing bit by bit as he understood fully, "A Wise li'l crazy one ain'cha? Ah, Charlie, why ont' you show this lad a bed?" With that a large man threw a lunging punch which was caught. Gothos curiously glanced at the man, he had thrown his punch like he intended to tackle, not hit, Exasperation, the fool did not even know what he was doing. Problem? Well, mostly his yet I feel embarrased for him, relevance? None. He snapped the man's wrist back, breaking bone then kneed the man in the face. "Must we do this? You are ill prepared to take me on, weapons or no." He did not see the two forms jump down from the rooftop to pin him, kicks now freely reining down on him. PANIC, Did...Not...Expect this!! Problem? Increasingly so, pain flowering inside my person, bruises forming! Relevance? Too much to tell, my failing resulting in transformation, in a city. Oh boy.. come, dear Quicksilver, they cannot tell!! The men were flung off the roaring beast, at one end of the alley, pincer maneuvered by the dog at the other end, growing to equal height as the one named Charlie, with canines bigger than that they had ever seen. "P...please spar'us! We beg o'ya we was just not thinkin, is all!" Six screams broke the silence of the late hours, immediately cut off. Silence forever rules the night.

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