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Character Name:
Edicus Dewbikus

Character Alignment:
Lawful Evil

Desired Starting Element:

Desired Village:


Desired Rank: None


Starting Inventory:
Helga, Musketoon, dwarven steel platemail,


Edicus Dewbikus Found_10

Combat styling:
Edicus doesn't exactly care much about how he can kill the enemy, only for WHEN he can kill the enemy. When given the option, however, Edicus enjoys picking off his rivals using his musketoon from distances no bow could hope to reach. Failing the gun however, Edicus is perfectly happy with using his battleaxe, which he calls Helga, swinging it as if it were a stick, whether it be enemy, friend, in the heat of battle, Helga knows no difference. As is the case of many berserkers, upon battle Edicus loses control of his self-generated rage, which makes for a bad neighbour in a squre formation, which could be why he was forced to leave.

Character Personality:
Edicus is a bit of a cockey know-it-all, he enjoys pointing out other's flaws while deflecting comments upon his many. He enjoys using 'big' words thinking he uses them correctly, which in his mind makes others believe he is actually quite intellegent, misinterpreting looks of condescention or pitty as ones of confusion and bewilderment. The dwarf is very open about almost everything, regardless of if it's unimportant, disgusting or simply disturbing- you can count on Edicus to state the obvious. Yet despite of, or because of these characteristics Edicus is generally accepted into most groups because he his personality is one that defies tension or frustration.

Background Info:
Edicus grew up in a large mining town which foccused upon selling and buying weapons and excavating vast amounts of precious metals. He could not remember his father much, well, he remembered the beatings. Those and the constant reminder "We were once a proud family, our boot upon the dwarven throat. We let it slip between our fingers, pried by those who we thought we controlled, in our blindness created by our vast wealth. There were many of our clan once, now it is but this poor family, and one far off being hunted as we speak-probably dead by now. You are the future of our family, whether it be the final dying candle, or the ignition to a new flame, I hope it's the last one." The boy would reflect on that while he worked the mine, or stealing some coin, never really thinking of his future.
He had never really known fear in his hometown either; the poor looked out for eachother careless of the blood-feud between the Warsong and the Ravenseye ties they had as whoever controlled their village was as demanding as the other by this point. He gained a comradery with the lower caste, generally accepted and rarely bothered by the local thugs or highwaymen. When he was around 16 he started travelling to other small villages, realising that many were in the same state as his-- the lower caste being sorely used as the rails for which pushed the clans along, giving him a glum and dark humor.
That changed a year later, when he met the man who would train him to use the rifle and battleaxe giving him one named Helga,a man known in the village as Keeper. Keeper tried to show Edicus the positives to almost all situations, and to at least smile at those instances where all is bleak- Edicus found it hard and often failed. He knew scant little of Keeper- the man was born of a noble family where he was the only one humble and up beat, which was the reason only he was given the option by his family's assasin's to drop his claim to nobility and dissapear.
On one seemingly typical day the opposing tribe- the Warsong came to take the village, succeding and as some of the soldiers still had the fury in their blood, started cutting down villagers. Edicus watched as Keeper ran out to stop the madness, to throw a soldier off a woman, watched the guard knock him to the ground then turn on him, press the blade to his throat- Edicus could stay hidden no longer, shifting his weight fearfully catching the man's attention. Keeper managed a grin and Edicus remembered the phrase, 'Smile, remember to always hide true feelings.' Yet he could not manage anything more than a growl as the guard had peered down, then looked at Edicus, comprehending the two were close, slicing with all his force kicking the corpse away, finding as his gaze was turned to the lad's out-stretched hands wrapping about his throat with strength he had not imagined, choking the life out of him.
He ran then, ran from the village couldn't remember anything else' till the age of 19; he was huddled up in a cave some ways off from a village, surrounded by corpses and projecting from one was Helga, gleaming with an unnatural white glow, completely intact. He knew he would not change the way he was, the way he would be but he would never again show his real opinions or thoughts masking them behind his seemingly sincere grin. The world had taken his family, killed his friend and mentor, robbed him of his youth, and made of him a man who had to fight madness from devouring his mind- Life has crippled him, now he cripples life.

RP sample:
"Haha! you son of a whore! Oh how enjoyable this is, is it not mates?!" Edicus laughed gleefully as the hot blood of a barbarien slashed its warmth upon his cold, cold face. "Aw he fell down... I was really starting to enjoy myself, ah I guess if I got decapitated I would fall too, but you never know right?! Hahah!" Edicus chuckled, as he wiped the blood off his face upon some fallen soldier's jerka.

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