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Character Name: Talvier Silverwing

Character Alignment:
Evil, "Do whatever it takes" outlook.

Desired Affinity Element:

Village:* Erodus
From where do you hail? Blackwood Village, of the island Kievan.
Where are you currently? The docks of Wavecrest, having just arrived from Kievan.


None, currently.


Starting Inventory:*
A short staff 'borrowed' from his former mentor, Alexi Hargier. Talvier hates forward confrontation, but when forced into a corner, he will dual wield his staff in his left hand and a short sword in the other. The staff is imbued with a dark energy, and not easy to break. As well as a short sword, Talvier wears a dark cloak trimmed at the shoulder with elegant silver feathers from the birds his family was named for ranching, the Silverwing Gull. The rest of his clothing consists of leather boots, grey leggings and a dark tunic.

Due to my lack of artistic drawing ability, I'll have to describe Talvier.

Along with his family's past of the farm life, for which he's named, Talvier also possesses his family's white hair, which is often mistaken for silver. With an angular face and soft features, Talvier has had problems in the past of being mistaken for an elf by the country folk, something you don't want to be on Kievan. His eyes are a dark brown, and he keeps his hair a medium length. He's approximately 5' 9" and of slim build. He's extraordinarily frail, and he knows it. As such, he's careful to avoid confrontation and will often feign ignorance. Besides his cloak, his clothes are that of a commoner and he tries to blend in with his surroundings.

Combat styling:
As previously stated, Talvier will use his staff and sword when necessary. However, he is a dark wizard and necromancer. He heavily relies on his minions to do his fighting. More often than not, he will sit back and watch a battle. As soon as the battle takes a wrong turn, he will often flee from the fight. Besides his minions, his magic consists of crippling effects, such as blindness and loss of movement.

Character Personality:
Talvier was a young man that just watched things unfold. To this day, he still does this. Constantly keeping a calm demeanor and soft voice, the villagers of Blackwood thought Talvier was ill with some sort of mental sickness like the old mages. There is one change he has taken since his young adulthood, however. Talvier sets events in motion. Back on Kievan, if you needed someone freed from prison or conveniently taken care of, you spoke with Talvier. Nobody was quite sure how he ever did it, but Talvier always made sure his end of the deal was met. Strange accidents, coincidences, new evidence, all these things would spring up at Talvier's prodding. Yet nobody ever saw him leave his small family-owned cottage. Those who refused, or who were unable to keep their end of their bargains, would often go missing and never be heard from again. Some would insist they saw Talvier, or his shadow, leaving the village and headed to the woods and caves of Blackwood.

Background Info:
Originally, Talvier was just another kid of neutral alignment. Yet as he ventured into the world, Talvier watched as people would take what they wanted, and nobody would stop them. He would watch as the heroes were stabbed in the back from the shadows, with no retribution. He had tried to work for his meals, his strength, but there was no threat in the small frail boy, and nobody would take him seriously. Talvier would see that the only way to advance in the world would be to take all, give none. He also discovered, unlike many criminals, that having others take the blame was a much better alternative. He heard whispers of necromancy in his hometown of Blackwood, and acted accordingly. Receiving training from Alexi Hargier, Talvier was constantly trying to prove himself. Alexi claimed he was not yet ready, that the shadows would overwhelm him. Well, if he wouldn't listen, Talvier would make him. Talvier poisoned his mentor with his daily wine, and took his masters staff, by far the most powerful. No spirit nor corpse would be able to resist his control. After a fall out in the heart city of Kievan, Talvier managed to stow away on a boat headed to Darasum.

RP sample:
Talvier stepped off the boat, the calm sea breeze blowing softly onto his cheeks. He shook his head as he stumbled off the gangway to dry land. Gods. I'm never taking a boat again.. he thought, trying to ease his queezy stomach. He looked up and around, taking in the village of Erodus. He shook his head pitifully and mumbled under his breath, This place is even more pathetic than Blackwood. Oh well. I should be thankful. I can try to recuperate from that damned rebellion. Nobody should notice a stranger going to and from the inn. I'll just say I'm an adventurer. He took off towards what appeared to be an inn. As he did so, a young figure ran into him, and Talvier paid it little attention. Feeling his purse, he realized he had only one coin left. Bah well. I have no time for thieve chasing anyways. he mumbled. Then he noticed his left shoulder was lighter. He went to reach for the lightweight staff and found it to be gone. Oh. Well. This is inconvenient. How could I not of noticed it? he said distastefully, blaming the ship and long journey for throwing off his senses. Turning to search for a small body that may be the thief, he saw a small alley a few blocks away. Slowly striding to it, he whistled a soft tune, a lullaby of Blackwood, who's lyrics had something to do with a wolf and a farmer or some such nonsense. Turning down the alley, Talvier walked along the filth-ridden path to see a dead end. Come out, boy. I don't have time for this. Keep the coin. I just need my staff to walk. As you can see, I'm quite frail. he cooed softly, trying to earn the thieves trust. He heard a soft shuffle and a voice muttering Sorry, sir. It's just. My family died recently and I... I... I thought this staff might sell for something. It was a small girl, no older than 12. Talvier shook his head in pity. Pity at the stupid girl. She could have taken off. Could have ran, sold the staff, bought food. No. She must be punished for her foolishness. She must be taught. Talvier bent over to her level, inches away from her, and eye to eye, smiled. Naughty naughty... He said as he blew into her eyes. The girl suddenly dropped to her knees, screaming. I-I can't see! H-help! Talvier swiftly placed his hand over her mouth. We'll see how well you can steal blind, thief. Keep screaming and you won't be able to beg, either. These are the rules of the world. Take, and don't stop taking. and he spoke as though it were a matter-o'-fact. Taking his staff back and leaving the girl to cry, Talvier took off back down the alleyway to the inn. I haven't a clue how I'm going to pay...

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You bet your ass that's approved.

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