The Island of Kievan

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The Island of Kievan Empty The Island of Kievan

Post  Talvier Silverwing on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:28 pm

Originally I had the Continent of Kievan, as I had planned to integrate my story from my old RP I had going. BUT. Instead I shall make it an island. The island is the size of one of the larger central cities, and houses two villages. "Blackwood" and "Duskshire" both of which, one can guess, are quite depressing. The island is infamous for tragedies, 'incidents' strange going ons and the like. Home to the beautiful Silverwing Gulls, the feathers of these majestic birds are the key source of the island's income. The isle is speckled by odd rock formations, and the caves have been said to house the workings of dark magic. Many estranged witches and wizards have sought out the isle to gain knowledge in necromancy and the dark magics.
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