The Port of Wavecrest

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The Port of Wavecrest Empty The Port of Wavecrest

Post  Talvier Silverwing on Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:25 pm

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A city of refuse and filth. Wavecrest lies between the eastern seaboard and is backed by mountains. This being the case, the city has little outside influence and thus, little law. Prostitutes, illegal herb and substance sellers litter the streets. Weapons are sold to children at the market, which to any outsider, would be the world's darkest black market. All this, and home to one of the biggest hub of thieves in the world. Merchants come, hoping to strike it rich selling necessities to the people at three, four, five times the price they would anywhere else. Yet most leave with neither gold nor goods. Most would be better off sleeping in an ally than in the inn, and to find goods for a decent price is neigh impossible by... Legal means.
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