Alison Tine Auditore (unfinished)

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Alison Tine Auditore (unfinished) Empty Alison Tine Auditore (unfinished)

Post  Everett Dealer on Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:05 pm

Character Name: Alison Tine Auditore

Character Alignment: Chaotic Good

Desired Affinity Element: Fire

Village: Formerly of castle Auditoria

Age: 25


Gender: Female

Starting Inventory:
hand cross bow and bolts
two long knives (yes this is a real weapon. they are blades that are a little bit shorter than a short sword and more knife than sword. they require a different fighting style and everything.)

Jack is a tomboyish female of 25. Hard living has worn her face though and she seems wise beyond her age, which can sometimes make her look as much as ten years older. Despite this if she every clean her self up, she could be quite beautiful. She has her golden blond hair cut short and has bright blue eyes. She is relatively flat-chested. After 10 years of hunting, adventuring, and bar-fighting has given her strong sinewy muscles. She is roughly 5'6". Her average outfit is a plain tunic, and a brown cloak and pants, with her weapons hung off her belt.

Combat styling:
Jack prefers stealth to full on confrontation. In open combat Jack fight's dirty, using the environment to her advantage, hitting people where it hurts and using what some see as underhanded tactics. Jack is both a capable fist-fighter and knife-fighter. However, her favorite weapon is her hand crossbow with which, after ten year's of practice, she is an expert with although by no means super-human.

Character Personality:
Be detailed please this is important.

Background Info:
Should be a minimum of one paragraph long. Don't just put 'amnesia'.

RP sample:
Give us a taste of your character.
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