Sir. James Godwinsen "The Restorer."

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Sir. James Godwinsen "The Restorer." Empty Sir. James Godwinsen "The Restorer."

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:16 am

Character Name:
Sir.James Gowinsen

Character Alignment:

Desired Starting Element:

Desired Village:



Sir. James Godwinsen "The Restorer." Adamni10

Combat styling:
Longsword and shield, long day's of following around his former mentor and fighting on the battlefield of numerous Axon civil wars have honed his swordsmanship to a level of great skill.

Character Personality:
Godwinsen has always been a man of great renown and he is looked apon with alot of faith and respect in Axon society, how ever this puts alot of presure on the man and as a child has made his hand predominantly governed by the opinions of others. He isn't a great man but saying he was a bad man would be one stone cast too far. James Godwinsen is a man who carries himself with a certain vigil and dignity that only one of great fame can do, he is very self entitled and believes he serves a greater purpose then himself often driving him to a Nationalist zeal. Of course do not be confused, James Godwinsen is a profiteerer and would do anything to line his well gotten pockets.

Background Info:
Sir.James Godwinsen "The restorer" gained his title through many a deed in his youth he was an officer in the local militia who apon being drafted joined the first Axon civil war where he proved himself a tactitian and blade of great battle prowess. His most notable victory was when he was a young lieutenant serving in the first Lions brigade a regiment of all swordsman, he captured the infamed Highdrake ridge which was guarded by odds of some 7 to 1 but using a carefully planned manoeuver he made it appear as though he was commanding eight times as many men as he was scaring the Rebel force stationed on the ridge away.
After his campaign in the first Axon civil war he was given a time of respite and great peace where he wrote a great many works on Axon battle tactics and was eventually knighted for his efforts to put the parliament back in to power.
The title of restorer comes from the second Axon civil war where he was given a far more formidable command and is acredited with single handedly winning the short yet bloodiest war in Axon history. Thus gaining the title of The Restorer.
Sir.James Godwinsen was born in the little sleepy town of Belhurst, the once famous capital of the old kingdom of Sheer. His parents were two both stable owners which is where he became comfortable with Horses as a stable hand, of course his prowess on a horse is known. When people aren't calling him a restorer of somewhat or some rather their calling him "Hot spurs." He was raised a humble birth and joined the army at the age of 17 looking for something more exciting like most boy's do at that age in a small do nothing town like Belhurst.
Sir.Godwinsen of late is being quoted alot over the current controversy, his errant and court have recently moved into the ruins of Stonewall claiming it in the name of Axony.

RP sample:
"Ah, this feel is so uncomfortable." Godwinsen thought as he peered through the small slit that was his visor at the aposing horseman on the other side of the Joust.
"Could this chump from Laernhein possibly think he has a chance against me?" Godwinsen flattered himself with deep modesty.
Neigh! Tella Godwinsens Unicorn reared up as she prepared to charge.
"Alright Tella, ere' we are now. CHARGE!" Godwinsen yelled as he clicked his spurs into the sides of the great majestic beast kicking it into gear.
The other rider suited in a golden steel plate armor blankly charged forward raising his lance to chest hight with Godwinsen.
"Hmm, classic." Godwinsen thought to himself as he raised his lance to the chest level of the apposing Knight. His hands steadied, completely unlike his fast beating heart.
No he was no where near nervous but the excitement of the Joust had and always will create a great feel of haste on his heart.
The two riders came within 10 feet of each other and as soon as the Lances sharp tip were to make contact with the chest of the enemy rider, Godwinsen hastily jutted his arm out and lifted the tip to head level instantly knocking him off his horse. The Joust was over. Sir.Godwinsen had won.
"GODWINSEN GODWINSEN GODWINSEN!" The crowd of lesser nobles and local Sherrifs cheered in unison.
"Another victory under my belt, and it never felt as sweet." Godwinsen smiled.

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Sir. James Godwinsen "The Restorer." Empty Re: Sir. James Godwinsen "The Restorer."

Post  Caleb Ilano on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:23 pm

Good work, approved.

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