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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:46 pm

The Wights of the Bellhurst Moor and the Bellhurst Flatlands are curious creatures, they were clearly once soldiers and humans at that.
Most religious and scientific experts who have studied the Wights agree that they are similar to ghouls and that the Wights are the spirits of Soldiers who died by betrayal in some ancient battle in Belhurst long ago.
Whether this is true or not is completely unknown however the Wights of Belhurst are unpredictable and dangerous they strike at random and come when least expected, that is if you're expecting an encounter with the undead at all.
They appear alot of the time in local legend and have always been closely affiliated with the ruins found on the edge of the Sunderedlands. Where they come from or what they came for is completely a mystery like so much of the beautiful Mythic Norse-Fend.

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While I've only encountered these creatures once it was from afar and they did not tarry long under the watchful vigil of my companions how ever the danger was evident, be careful.

- Sincerely Cornelius Fischer

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Post  Caleb Ilano on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:14 am

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