The Continent of Sirna and the Dread

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The Continent of Sirna and the Dread

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:31 pm

All children of Darasum and Norse-Fend are brought up learning of the damned lands of Sirna the Dread continent.
The legends tell tales of a great kingdom that used to reign over all the world peacefully in the first age, the beautiful kingdom of Sirn and the glass city. Yet one day a man took control of the kingdom an evil man who wanted nothing but power and he had heard of the smaller kingdoms around him and sent out armies to conquer these lands and formed the first Sirnian Empire.
Of course the people of Sirn were outraged, they had come to know peace and loved it so they rose up against the Emperor in an attempt to restore sanity to all the Kingdom. The Army turned on the Emperor aswell and in a desperate attempt to keep his power the Emperor made a pact with the Dread father, he promised the Dread father countless campaigns and victories in his name if the Dread father aided him in his hour of darkest need.
So born into the world were the Dread, many compare the Dread to the Daemons of Oblivion or the Undead. But the truth is we know very little of the Dread but what we do know is they are nothing like the Daemons the Dread are a horrible barbaric race that live purely for the slaughter and murder and rape and fornicate with everything they see, so apon the summoning of the Dread the Emperor was turned into something ungodly and unheard of the Dread thus went out and sacked and murdered all those they saw even the supporters of the Emperor however few they were, but what the Emperor became had driven him to the brink of Insanity he no longer cared for his people, the legends say that the Dread Father looked apon his creation and weeped one tear for he saw the Dread as the most beautiful creatures in creation and from this tear came the Great Shadow a Shadow that enveloped all of Sirna destroying all living things. Except the Dread yet no one knows whether they truly live or not.
It is said that even Meirn father of light knew fear when he looked apon the Dread.
Meirn and Gaia looked apon this in shock unable to stop the carnage they created a new continent a safe haven for all those they could save, Darasum.
The continent was formed against the Dread Fathers knowledge but he soon learned and promised that one day, one terrible day apon the darkest hour of the darkest day in Darasum he would come.. He would bring his children and his kin and all the world would shake with his Thunder.
Be this true or not no one knows.. But if it is.. Gods help us all.

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Re: The Continent of Sirna and the Dread

Post  Caleb Ilano on Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:34 pm


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