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Character Name:
Caleb Ilano

Character Alignment:

Desired Starting Element:

Desired Village:
The Castle

chronologically: 54
physically: 27


Starting inventory: Rapier, light plate armour, book of light magic, and a small utility knife.


Combat styling:
He wields his rapier right handed. He is a very accurate fighter, striking mainly for contact, not wounding. He is also a very capable fighter with other swords and some lances.
He has control of light magic, meaning healing, banishing, and Illumination.

Character Personality:
Caleb has a strong heart and a is a strong leader. He is virtuous to a fault, and treats people as equals. Should he have to order somebody to do something, he would not order them to do something he be not able to do himself. He is an honorable man, and shall not kill an unarmed foe, he will only fight as an equal, and most importantly, he knows when he has lost. He has a somewhat childish and hopeful thought process, sometimes leading to his undoing. He makes many friends, but very few good friends he can truly trust, and this has left him somewhat hurt by people he's lost. A few words to describe him would be Innocent, Devoted, Friendly, and Lively.

The age slowing represents itself oddly, as he aged normally until around 13, when his body slowed more and more until his years doubled his face. His mindset however is still surprisingly young, as he has been through many types of living standards and is perhaps repressive of some of them.

Background Info:
Caleb was born into royalty, he was treated well until his parents were overthrown when he was 10. He lived his life after that as a poor citizen, growing to hate the greed and vanity of royalty, he earned his way after that, as his father died of a dreadful sickness and he had to take up a job by 14. This job was as a Librarian categorizer, he learned all the history he could about Darasum and memorized a good sum of it.

He climbed the social ladder back to knighthood through many hardships and testings, on one occasion sent to slay a red dragon! He served his king and made a good life. He met Steven McAlney in his days of the castle, and is in good relations with him. He still visits the graves of his parents annually though.

The reason he ages at half the normal speed of a human is because when he was born, the high priests were still blessing the royal family with holy magics, and so blessed him with Darasuum, the spell similar to the continent's name meaning eternal. The priests were thrown out along with the Ilano family, in hopes of removing history. There are still more royal persons from the past aged slower then normal, and Caleb has been looking for them as a hobby.

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