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The Earth Mother Gaia Surrogate of Life

"Rejoice my children and spread my seed for loving the life that I gave the world and cherishing it, well there is no greater joy! Bring your children and your families unto my breast and accept life into your hearts." - Book of the Wild Third line, fourth verse.

The Earth Mother Gaia is possibly the most benevolent of all the god's and wife of Meirn Father of Light and Artist of Creation.
The Earth Mother Gaia is the visionairy behind the world and made all living things aswell as the mountains, tree's and wild places.
Her worshipers include all the Beasts of the wild's Men, Elves, Dwarves and all Orcs look apon their mother with Zealous love.
The Earth Mother made the first beings in the world in an attempt to gain the attention of Meirn, she used his Light and ideas to create the first Mortal being's.
The Elves.
Of course at first Gaia couldn't get Life right but Meirn had become interested in Gaia and her idea's and aided her and together they created Life and creation. Unfortunately- the two Deities fell madly in love with one another and concieved a child. Sithis. Who in defiance of his parents whom he felt neglected him made Destruction, using things he saw from the Dread father as example. But make no mistake the two are dead enemies.
Gaia was the one who brought the wilderness and Seed of life from Sirnia to Darasum while Meirn made it as fast as he possibly could in the hopes of eluding the Dread Father and his brood, luckily they made the journey in time bringing all their conjoined children onto the continent we all live on now.
Everything we have we owe to them.
Gaia like her son and lover made three Angels to instruct her followers and act as her hand on the mortal plane.
These three Angels are..

1. Ervon father of the Wild
2. Fella mother of Love
3. Cayrun father of the Seed

Yes Gaia's mettling's in the mortal world are alot harder to detect then Meirn but she said so herself she loves all living creatures and strives to keep them safe, and following the ballance she set for us the circle of life. If you are watched over by Gaia you are truely one of the lucky chosen for she treats all those under her ward with quiet love and gentle protection in some legends even rewinding time to aid those she lost in the pursuit of her better interest.

The Book of the Wilds Gaia10


"And so unto my ladies grace do I bless all the Wilderkin and their children, bringeth onto your children my gifts, that of the harvest and the feast for enjoy our life yet eat very little and not as a gluton for sharing will bring us all true peace and serenity." - Book of the Wilds line 8 verse 24.

Alot of great writings and studies have been done about Ervon and his influence on the workings of Man and definetly his affect in the Elves.
Ervon desended apon the Earth bearing gifts of good will to all, bringing with him food and joy aswell as greed and care.
The Earth Mother is believed to have made Ervon with the intention of teaching Men and Elves about their place in the circle and to inspire protection of their weaker brethren, alot say Ervon failed his mission but he certainly changed the Elves.
Ervon is quoted with being the most influencial of all of Gaia's angels onto society for the others only appear rarely withing Legend giving a Hero a great deed or smiting those of great evil in the name of the Lady of the Circle.
Yes, Ervon came down to our world as the first of Gaia's chosen Angel's, in a time of great strife. The Elves of Ironwood had at that time been a great powerful faction in the world and conquered all they could not only did they take the land out from under the native inhabitants but used cruel acts to opress and detur those under their rule that were not of Elf kin.
Infact one line from the book of the wild vividly describes an account of Imperial action and Ervons intervention..

"Forbearers and Ilk you tresspass on your own lands and eat your food as if it was yours! What folly and foolishness for the Imperium will have none of such." Elkwin the infamed said as he sent his men to burn down the fields of the humble Human farmers of Carin.
"Good sir Elf I implore you, leave us to our dealings and we will remain noble and true to the Imperium. Let us feed our children and tend our crops save them while they can, Sir I implore you!" Screamed the Young farmer as she viewed her entire income disipate before her very eyes.
"This land and all beyond belong to the Imperium and citizen what ever we do with our property is our dealings such as you would tell a child what to do!" Shouted Elkwin the infamed as he stabbed into her with his spear.
"Ah, but why sir?.. Why?" Questioned the farmer desperately coughing up blood in her last moments.
"I would sooner leave the Wolves to my children then the Ilk that is men to their dealings and that is all you will all accept our will or pay the concequences in turn." Stated Elkwin as he drew his spearleaving the body of the poor young woman to hit the ground, as all of her family viewed the horrible act in shock.
"And who gave these lands to you?" Questioned an Old man who pushed himself to the front of the crowd.
"Excuse me knave, doth' thou' question the will of the Empire? We won these lands in war and conquest gaining them for our right and our children not to be inhabited by such cockroaches as Men!" Spat Elkwin raising his spear high in a challenge to the old man warning him of the soft ground he tread.
"These lands are no sooner your's then they our mine, they belong to our Mother. If she gave them the right to tend these fields as their own and live their lives in peace then you should respect her will sir Elf." The Old man said gently as he began chanting some words of strange language a language of which none had before heard nor few would hear again.
"Do you dare mock me by speaking jiberish in the presense of an Officer of the Imperium, then you shall join her!" Cried Elkwin in Rage as he struck at the old man with his spear.
The old man darted out of the way nimbly and stopped speaking.. Just as he did the body of the young girl rose to her feet and her eyes showed renewed signs of life as if she had never been run through with the Elf's spear.
"What.. What matter of Sorcery is this? Necromancy?!" Cried Elkwin, as he noticed the Oldman age years instantly.
"No my child it is just sharing, I have given her some of my life so she may yet continue unto hers. I am merely a child of Gaia myself and represent the love that she has for all of us so naturaly I would share my life with her just as easily as you would take it in greed and folly." Ervon stated.

From that dictated day in history Ervon spread the idea of peace and sharing and love, of course it was taken only in moderation and ignored for the most part. His dreams and love for all changed Elf society from the cruel harsh Xenophobic thing it was into a society intune with Nature and in love with the great creation that took two god's to make. Life.

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