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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:17 am

Meirn Father of Light and Artist of Creation

"Fear not the Darkness my children for if you follow the righteous path you will always find a light through the Dark!" The Book of Light Line 68 verse 14

The Father of Light Meirn is the most powerful of the three God's and hands down the most influencial on the lives of Mortal Men and the Dwarven kingdom's, it is said that Meirn created the world and thought with a mighty paint brush. Which.. He also made..
He painted reality and the dimensions, but the world was dark so the Vericles of Sophtanacles say so Meirn made his most sacred creation of all and into the Universe was birthed Light.
Meirn is the father of the god's in a sense since he created Creation he created their powers and true forms.
He is also the Father of Life, him and his lover our Mother Gaia created Life together in the hopes of bringing more creation to their world that they had created. Sithis is his son and scorns him the most above his Mother for Meirn always is quick to hate Sithis for his creations as evil as they are.
Of course Meirn is often missunderstood and he strives to be loved by his Followers, which are by far the most numerous.
Meirn is considered "The Human God" because almost 80% of Humanity worships or reveres Meirn in some way an entire Kingdom is dedicated to his likeness going on regular crusades.
Meirn aided Gaia in retrieving the Seed of Life from Sirnia and created the Continent of Darasum, as a safe haven for the children he loves so much.
Alot of people wonder if the Dread Father is the Father and creator of Meirn, but he assures us it isn't so.. Of course we will always wonder.
Meirn is said to have been so shocked by the Dread and the carnage at Sirnia that the Heavens themselves turned black in fear of the Dread fathers rage. So he hid the continent from the Evil doers and has watched over us all with a slight push here and an act of benevolence there always watching over the children he loves.
Those who are chosen by Meirn are by far blessed for Meirn is quoted with always lighting the path of those he chooses as his own more often metaphoricaly then figuratively but both cases have been reported numerously in legend as empires of the faithful rose and fell.
Of course I'm sure you know of the Angels or lesser Gods that all of the gods made, Meirns Watchfull eyes and Angels are..

1.Sanguine Brother of Warding and Protection
2.Entia Sister of Healing and Power
3.Furnel Brother of Invention and the Watchful Eye

Meirn by far meddles in the world more then any of the other God's his children are instructed by him to defend themselves against Evil and those around them, he also teaches his Children against the will of his Love to use what they need and take it when they want it.
Infact most say that the kingdom formed under Meirn was actually of his intention and idea as a way of keeping his people safe. The Angel Brother Sanguine is Immortal ruler for eternity of the Kingdom after all.

The Book of Light Zeus10

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