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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:47 am

The Bellhust Hoppert is hands down the most peculiar creature I've come across in my travels yet another strange entity inhabitting the legendary marsh.
The Hoppert is a cross between a Crocodile a sea urchin and an octopus. Strange. Indeed.
The Hoppert has the body of a Large Crocodile some 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, the head of the Hoppert looks like a common sea urchin each arm being a different sense no one has yet to identify what these extra sense might be or what they might do but it is clear what they are for.
The Hoppert has eight large spines that come out of its back and move where ever the beast wills them often using them to skewer smaller animals.
While we have seen Hopperts hunt animals no one has ever seen how or when the Hoppert eats infact it is general opinion that they eat humans aswell, mind this part is most likely true.
They are extremely dangerous and tenacious creatures and will stop at nothing until you are... Wel what ever they eat.
The only known way to beat one quick and painlessly is by chopping off the urchin, but it is guarded by a large.. Mouth of sorts made entirely of bone and cartalage.
Yes the Hoppert is a peculiar creature and I hope to do more research on the subject apon my next visit to Bellhurst.

- Sincerely Cornelius Fischer.

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