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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:24 am

Character Name:
Slaanrik Darkclaw'

Character Alignment:

Desired Starting Element:

Desired Village:

98 (Human Years 26)

Desired Rank:
Clan Champion

Tersten (Male)

Starting Inventory:
Maquahuitl Club, Bone Armour, Poison Darts and Dart Gun, talisman of the Swamp.


Slaanrik Darkclaw' Temple10

Combat styling:
Maquahuitl Club, a Bone ripping club made out of Wood and seraded with the teeth of his forefathers, some day he will pass the Club onto the strongest of his young to use and protect his brothers and sisters.

Character Personality:
Slaanrik' is a cunning Salan and very superstitious this often makes him appear like a con man or estranges him from nearby societies like Kotepia and the Templar Order. However he is a Salan of great renown for his skill in Battle and knowledge of the outside world, he learned great tales and deeds from a traveling Laeirnhinian scholar who visited the Swamp one day, and ever since the formerly traditional Salan has had the seed of wander lust planted in him. So he is often found by the Tribe Shaman wandering the Edge of the forrest and found scaring travelers by asking them thousands of questions. As you can assume a large Salan of his size always wearing a Bone helmet as his birth right is an intimidating sight but once you get to know him you will quickly realise he is a child at heart with nothing but curiosity for a world that has forever been shrouded in mystery to him.

Background Info:
Slaanrik was born into the Blackbrood clan in the Delvain Marshes just east of Kotepia and West of the Templar Order, from a young age he was pitted against his sibblings in many grueling tests such is the way of the Salan once he reaced the Salan age of 47 (16 Human years.) He was noticed by his parents and the Shaman as the "Verdanti of the Brood" Meaning he was the most powerful of his siblings but not only them but of all the children of his generation, yet he wasn't the most wise so instead of new chieftain he was placed as tribe Champion. The Salan instead of warring with one another they pit Village champions against each other hence the old Salan saying "Let one head compensate for 100".
So once the presure of his childhood lifted he drifted to a quiet sendentary life honing his skills in battle and constantly hearing whispers of the outside world. Every night he would sneak out and talk to strangers passing by the road often being mistaken as Salan ambush.. (Which they never have done but their frightening appearance does that some times) Until one day he came apon someone who did want to talk an old scholar from Laeirnhein who was world traveled and inlove with the boy's fasination in the outside world apparently it reminded him of himself. So every night he snook out of his village and met with the Scholar who would laugh and teach him for hours until eventually he just left one day leaving the Salan to wonder and dream..

RP sample:

"Ssso the ppeopple of your land Ppink one? What are they like?" Asked Slaanrik infatuated with the Scholars new stories, ignoring the hard stares he was getting from the armoured glad men who also sat along the campfire.
"Child, my people are an innovative and loving people who often take what they have for granted. You've heard the tales of my people atleast three times." The Scholar said laughing at the boy's eagerness to learn and hear the tales of his ancestors.
"Yess, but I would like to hearr it again Corneliuss. Ppleasse tell me." Slaanrik pleaded hoping to hear of the great clockwork buildings and metal flying machines of the Laeirnhinians.
"Alright Boy but I must warn you, ask your questions carefully for they may not be answered twice.." Cornelius said as he began to tell the story of Laeirnhein, feeling guilty about having to leave the Salan to himself without so much as a warning. But his men feared it was too dangerous to let the large creature of nearly eight feet in on his departure knowing that it could anger him. Of course Cornelius knew that this wouldn't happen but it was probably for the best.

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Post  Caleb Ilano on Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:43 am

I like him. Approved.

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