And to Ponferrada

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And to Ponferrada

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:20 pm

The heat was unbearable and scenery, unpalable it was dull listless and dead.
Of course your wits had to always be sharp about you when venturing into the sunderedlands even with an entourage the size of which Sir.Godwinsen had accompanying him.
Eighty of the parliamentary guards finest Huscarles and ten of the most talented knights of his house.
And Christopher..
"Jeez can you believe this heat sir? It is unbearable! How you manage with all that armour I'll never know bu-" Captain Caleandor droned on without realising his useless banter was being ignored by the Knight.
"How long till we reach, ponferrada. Meirn I hate diplomatic missions." Sir.Henric sighed, he was of course Godwinsens younger brother and a famous diplomat. Aswell as a famous whiner.
Godwinsens sanity was being pulled to a chord by the constant whining, when he saw a shimmer up ahead in the distance. Light reflecting on metal and what appeared to be a small army of men on the horizon.
"Finally things are getting interesting." The bored Godwinsen thought to himself.

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