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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:55 pm

Character Name:
Sheriff Loras Jackson

Character Alignment:
Lawful Good

Desired Affinity Element:

Desired Village:


Desired Rank:
The Sheriff of Bellhurst moor.


Starting Inventory:
Short spear, cutlass, hand cuffs' and a flint lock pistol

Sheriff Loras Jackson HBfhc

Combat styling:
Loras fights fast and swift, his sword is a graceful extension of his arm. In the town of Bellhurst the Sheriff acts not only as the judicator and executor of the law; but, also as the head of all militia. Long hours in the town hall's yard training men and women to fight back the ever bolder creatures of the moor have led him to a great artistry with his weapons. As meagre as they may be.

Character Personality:
Loras is a quick, cunning and charismatic man. He's got an off colour humour that is quickly attributed with Bellhurst style, considering how most of the Moor people are known outside for their uncouth manner. Most people might consider his boldness and blunt attitude as rude but when you grow up in a place like Bellhurst you stop caring for such trivial fancies like manners.
Loras has a strong sense of justice, but he's often too relenting with those criminals as he secretly harbours a flame inside of good nature believing everyone to be pure of heart.

Background Info:
Loras is the son of Eldwyn Jackson; the famous hero who arose from Bellhurst years prior to defeat the head of a host of wights. Of course, he's only a local hero and the outside world has all but no knowledge of the mysterious town. He was too young to understand it or realise it but his father had made a pact with a demon in order to defeat the hellish onslaught that poured forth from the Marsh. Since the position of Sheriff is a hereditary thing he instantly was instated as Sheriff upon his fathers 60th birthday whence he was deemed too old for service. Instead of the ceremony and donning of family weapons expected his father, a hard man, righteous yet guilty mouthed only two words to his son in front of the town. "Redeem me."
Upon uttering them he transformed into a hideous abomination and thus the first task of Loras as Sheriff was to slay his own father whom for the past few decades had been a ticking time bomb of evil energy waiting to be unleashed on his 60th name day. With great regret Loras wielding the family spear slew his father in front of the town and was officially instated as Sheriff of Bellhurst moor.

Lately the creatures ravaging Bellhurst have grown more agressive and numerous, since the exact same circumstances arose prior to the first wight host rising up in the moor Loras has left his militia under the command of an interim commander as he is now dead set on wandering out into the world to solve the mystery.. Before it's too late.

RP sample:
Loras straightened his collar and shirt as he looked out upon the crowd; the whole town was here, everyone he knew and loved. Waiting patiently Loras stepped out onto the stage and made eye contact with his father, excited Loras put his arm over his father shoulder.
"I'm finally going to be able to help protect them." Loras thought to himself as a smile stealed across his lips, this had been the day he'd been training and waiting for - he'd finally become the Sheriff.
Looking in his fathers eyes, he only saw a solemn look one full of foreboding and deep sadness.
"Does he not think I'm good enough?" Loras pondered as he furrowed his brow; certainly his father thought he was ready to take on the families responsibility.
The crowd hushed as the hardened man standing in front of the podium cleared his throat,
"We here in Bellhurst are a town of the just, where law and order are as imperative to our existence as food and water. Here before you great people of Bellhurst, I present your new Sheriff, my son - Loras. By the guiding light of Meirn, in the eyes of Gaia; I hereby resign as Sheriff - And deign Loras my replacement!" Announced the old man strongly as he placed a spear into the hands of the beaming youth.
Cheers erupted from the crowd not only did they know they'd have a new defender; but, the celebrations would soon be held.

"Redeem me!" Choked the old Sheriff as his flesh contorted to monstrous angles all the while screams erupted from the crowd.

"Father!" Loras cried in confusion, "what was happening to his Father what is this!?" Loras thought desperately bracing himself for what ever was to come.

The panicking crowd regained itself seeing their new Sheriff steel himself, spear in hand. The people of Bellhurst had always been strong when a Sheriff was rallying them and the eldest symbol of that was the Jackson family Spear.

The contorted form was done changing, revealing a demonic beast beyond recognition, skin dangled freely in ribbons from it's body and it's eyes had darkened to a black as hard and cold as Obsidian. Where it's head had been was nothing but a gaping maw full of teeth rotating which gave off an agonising whirring sound reminiscent of a throat clearing.
"~~~" The beast gave off an incomprehendable blood curdling howl as it broke off in a mad dash towards Loras.

Loras closed his eyes and raised the spear chest level with the.. Thing. Only when he heard a thud and impact did he open his eyes to reveal that the creature was not even dead but flailing madly; desperately trying to close itself around him. "Forgive me father.." Whispered Loras in a flat tone as he grasped at his belt for his cutlass. In one drawing motion he had slashed the beast in two. The beasts black blood sprayed over the crowd.
"SHERIFF!! SHERIFF!! SHERIFF!" The people cried in unison after a moment of awkward silence. Maybe they just thought it was a trick or some sort of sorcery.
But to Loras it was very real.
"I'll do my best.. Good bye Father.." Loras thought as he plunged the blade into the beasts face, remembering the last two words his father would ever usher. His father was dead, he was Sheriff, but life would go on - just as it always had in Bellhurst.

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Post  Caleb Ilano on Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:11 am

Deep, I like the backstory.


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