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Hull Glithen--Rhulad Sengar & Brys Beddit Empty Hull Glithen--Rhulad Sengar & Brys Beddit

Post  Allanon Creel on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:50 am

Character Name(s):
Rhulad Sengar & Brys Beddit

Character Alignment:
Rhulad - Neutral
Brys - Neutral evil

Desired Affinity Element:
Rhulad - Water
Brys - Air




Gender: Male

Starting Inventory:
Hood, leather vest, Boots, Drama masks of Comedy and Tragedy, and swords named after said masks-- Comedy(Left) and Tragedy(Right)


Hull Glithen--Rhulad Sengar & Brys Beddit Ninja11

Combat styling:
Rhulad is his own mentor and apprentice in the arts of telekinesis, an art he believes ran in his original family. Essentially, he is learning how to control objects as he goes along, finding anything over the exact amount of 87.7Kg too much for him-at the moment. Brys prefers to use his stealth and pre-emptive striking as an offensive, assasinating victims with his blades, but is also fairly comfortable in close-quarters using his agility.

Character Personalities:
Rhulad is a seemingly lax, cool, and easy going man yet very calculating in everything he does, always conservetive. He is often mistaken for a noble, in his cool measurements of others, and though often looking sleepy-eyed, the perceptive easily discern the glimmer of brilliance in his emerald coloured eyes. Brys, however, is an energetic, wily and random man who acts upon the spur of the moment, with not a single regard of the concequences. Brys is exceptionally outgoing and talkative, and loves anything involving on the spot thinking, though that is the only area where one may pin intellegence to the acts of this character. Both men, with combined traits though have earned them an eye from the opposing gender, which they depending on who, would joke away from, or show indifference to dissuade for they fear what circumstance could have them do, to those who give them their hearts.

Background Info:
Brys remembered scant little of his childhood, and what he did know was in fragmented scenes that played out in his mind, from time to time as he tried to remember, the odd times he cared enough. The same case for Rhulad, all that both men knew with certainty was that they were one person, and vowed never to fight over, nor even think thoughts of who was the owner of the body, and who not. Through thick and thin they, regardless of issues had no choice but to stay together, though they did not know how they couldn't, reflecting on it, so grew to be like brothers, yet closer. They remembered eachother's memories, as everything was shared, and those clearest were also the most peculiar. Their fragmented memory's first entry was waking up in a bar, at the age of 5, an all human child in an all dwarven city in Chavlarus. Brys had been in control at the time, and had made a witty comment, making the man laugh, a burly laugh of a man they both felt was important in their life, though they could not recall. Another fragment was when they had trusted a man with their names, for reasons they could not fathom, and had been framed for crimes they had not done. from then on, they had decided that being known and called by their actual names would be reserved for those they held highly in their hearts and minds, giving their cover-name "Hull Glithen". Another fragmented memory would be at age 18, a man clad in shodows and ringed by 6 heavily armed guards had been Rhulad's waking sight in an inn, within Redshire. Rhulad noted the slouch in the guard's postures, and the radiating indignity closely tied with a thinning impatience, they had been staring at Hull for some time. The man tightly asked if he would ever return the king's company, for the king was growing quick in temper once more, as when they met him. They had responded within a moon, yet as the man departed they honestly completely forgot about him. They each held a single moment most dear, yet for several seperate reasons. It was 3 years past, they were an assasin, Brys was in control; they had been seducing a powerful mage so she'd drop her defences. Brys had almost even given out his real name to gain her trust. It worked, she had broke her rutine, putting her out of watch from her distant guardians, smiling a warm welcome, even as out of the blue Comedy, immediately followed by Tragedy buried themselves through and through her. She had managed a single phrase, that had struck the two with more strength than any warrior's blade, more fiercely than any spell, " I still love you." They had been stunned, repulsed and horrified at what they had done, guilt swelling between the two at how they had manipulated this poor woman, wanted dead by gangs for no other reason than she was a lawful woman against scum such as their employers were. They swore off anything resembling close-knite friendship with women, for they feared wounds such as this were never meant to be inflicted.

RP sample:

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Hull Glithen--Rhulad Sengar & Brys Beddit Empty Re: Hull Glithen--Rhulad Sengar & Brys Beddit

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:57 am

Absolutely brilliant. Approved!

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