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Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:13 am

Many scholars have wondered if the Dread father is so powerful why does he not just simply tear his way into our universe and destroy everything? Well he can't due to the arcane and powerful artifacts known as the "tokens."
While the Dread father was busy destroying the old world and Gaia was busy cultivating the new, the gods decided they needed to come up with a means to keep the Dread father out. Rather than combatting him which would lead to their total and innevitablr defeat. To do so the gods created chains, that they could place upon him, while they were certainly not powerful enough to stop him, they were powerful enough to keep him at bay. Each god in order to lesson the burden upon their own powers, since maintaining the force of the chains would be exhausting; created two fonts of power. Each tasked with maintaining the strength of their counterpart in the old world. These two objects are known simply as the tokens.
The two tokens are Gaias seed and Meirns shield. While no mortal has ever recounted finding either, it's believed that were one to attempt to tamper with either the consequences could be the end of all we know.

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