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Character Name: Tuxedomask (Exel Deesman)
Nicknamed Tuxedomask because those are teh two things i never wear,a tuxedo and a mask. Exel Deesman has wore everything else.

Character Alignment:*
Neutral Good

Desired Affinity Element:

Troil Village

Age: 19

Court Mage


Starting Inventory:*
Book of spells
Flaming hot cheetos

Tuxedomask Ray11

Combat styling:
the only things I need are my spells and mi imagination.
I choose my fights and sometimes stumble into them.

Character Personality:
A real Air head, I never have a plan and I never need one.

Background Info:
Raised in a small village Writing was never important so I never learned to write long things correctly, but I can read perfectly.
and for some weird reason I never learned how to speak teh local language.

RP sample:
All arms are needed! shouted the king
Tuxedomask ! that means you too!
Just get off the floor please Tuxedo mask..
Tuxedomask : continues colouring in a picture.


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