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Encyclopedia/Beastiary: Rules of conduct Empty Encyclopedia/Beastiary: Rules of conduct

Post  Caleb Ilano on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:54 pm

Lately I've been seeing many more encyclopedia posts, half of which I have not approved So I've decided to create, not a template, but a guideline to an encyclopedia post.


-Useless posts WILL be deleted on sight
-Must have a seal of approval.Encyclopedia/Beastiary: Rules of conduct Images?q=tbn:hGrXinP6kHixYM:l
-Each person can only have 2 unapproved topics at a time.

-Each subject must fit in one post.
-Should be expanded on, or have other topics in the post. I.E Species of New Herum
-At least a 'template' of what it is, where it is, etc.
-PLEASE refrain from posting unnecessary things in the topic, like: cool, good work, etc.
-Try not flying too far from a basic post for a while, don't go around making all the monsters first.

These rules are subject to frequent change.

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