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Post  Allanon Creel on Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:41 pm

Character Name:
Allanon Creel

Character Alignment:

Desired Starting Element:

Desired Village:


Desired Rank:
High Paladin


Allanon Creel L_a7fb10

Combat styling:
Through long grueling years of training Allanon grew to be a great longswordsmen, at the small cost of his childhood.

Character Personality:
Allanon is a strong believer of Meirn, and hates Sithis and his children even more. The thought of them to him is revolting and brings more rage to him than the thought of a thousand puppies drowning, for lack of a better phrase. He is as frightening to his enemies as he is charasmatic to his troops and even more hilarious to the local drunks. He is a benevolent and just leader who believes there should be an ultimate punishment for all followers of the cursed sithis.

Background Info:
Allanon grew up as an average boy in Degorath -- aside from the sign of Meirn enblazed upon his back, eternally glowing as a sign Meirn would light his way. He was brought from his home at the age of 9 to train as all the other boys did to train most of the day and be schooled about the glory of Meirn the rest with just enough time to sleep at the very end. Everyday after trainin there would be a pecking order for food and he would be near the back because of the fact he was the 3rd youngest and the other boys were 14 and much bigger, but that changed when one day he had had enough fo the bad food and challenged a boy near the front. He was phisically outmathed but he had trained much more so knew how to win that type of match-up. He had the boy pinned down and asked if he would relinquish his spot, not simply for the literal place in line but for the mental message to all the others that he was moving up. Indeed, he did move up, his drill-master granted him the honour of joining a large caravan escort to Redshire at the mere age of 14. Now and again he would manage to sneak out of his quarters and into the women's quarters and only begin to have fun before the ol' Balinor would ruin the fun with a few lashes for a punishment. (He always found that the bruises were well worth it.) By the age of 18 he was the person his comrads answered to and even some of the most reclusive vets told him of wars and battles they lived through.
At the age of 25 his prowess with the sword and his birth-mark earned him quite the renown and he was premoted to High Paladin, the youngest to ever join the order. One of his first actual battles was commanding in a skirmish at the border against the mortulians. That bloody day he proved he was a force to be reckoned with by wetting his sword with enough blood to make even the most violent demons skiddish. His ultimate goal in life is to see to the elimination of the Mortuli for they openly show hatred towards Meirn.

RP sample:
"You shall fall before the the richeous fire which is Meirn!" Snarled Allanon as he decapitated a mortulian, before parrying a blow from the second using the force to skewer the third.
"Your futile attempts to kill me are a waste of my time, however it is your choice to die so I shall simply comply to your wishes." He yelled as he kicked the Mortulian off his sword, flipped it around and stabbed the last man behind him with cat-like agility. The mortulian battle axe fell to the gravel with a ruckus, the handle sprayed in blood.

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Post  Caleb Ilano on Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:45 pm

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I'm getting some Yeorl vibes from this.

Note: Getting fed up with super polar characters here, it's not just light and dark you know!

"Well don't you know that it's a fool who plays it
by making his world a little colder now. Hey Jude."
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