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Post  Allanon Creel on Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:24 pm

The Shade is a creature of un-death which may sound exactly the same as undead; but, it's not. Shades exist between the boundaries of life and death, they were once the guardians of ballance before the Dread Father entered the world and drove them all insane.
Their loss of temperment and insanity is the reason for the forming of the Shield Bearers of Sorin, the gods needed someone to patrol the fringes of life and death insuring mortality for all.
Shades are the most restricted of creatures and rarely enter either life or death; because, well it was presumed that they are unable to.
If one were to gaze upon a Shade, I've heard that their appearance is quite startling, they boast the body of what appears to be a bear, yet where their head sits is nothing but a head with no face. Where their face should be is a polished surface of marble.
It's been speculated at how they can see with no visage or eyes to account for. I once heard from an old witch Woman that Shades use the eye sight of all those reflected on their face with some sort of magic.
It's been speculated that while some killers like to see the fear in their preys eyes before they die, the highly vain and mysterious Shades indulge and like to view only.. Themselves.
I've never come across one during my travels, nor am I too familiar with the workings or whether or not creatures of un-death exist; but, if you ever come across one of these beings of the netherworld. Woe to you.

- Sincerely Cornelius Fischer.

jocolor Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.jocolor
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