The Beastiary: The Green Knight of Belhurst Moor

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The Beastiary: The Green Knight of Belhurst Moor

Post  Yeorl Oakenleaf on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:01 am

Of course I'm sure you are all familiar with the Legend of the Green Knight..
It is said that once apon a time lived a Champion of a powerful free land. He led his kingdom to great freindship with all the lands that neighboured him and the former poverty of his small hold was at once shaken off.
The champion whose name has been lost to the ages was an infamed jouster and fighter at the grand melee who would always take part and win every tournament he partook in.
However one day at a tournament set up in goodwill for his neighbouring lords a Duke from a far off province with great ties to the land came bearing gifts of freindship, yet the one thing the Knight of the green steed wanted the most was the Dukes wive's hand in marriage for she was known all across the lands for being the most fair.
So in envy and lust he challenged this Duke to a joust for the maiden in an unfreindly jesture that was unlike him such a great host.
But the Duke accepted.
Unfortunately for the Knight's sake the Duke from far off was a famous and renowned lancer who had beaten many opponents at the grand melee and joust, so to his shagrin the Knight lost and was killed in an accident either from one account or telling of the story the lance piereced his heart breaking it in two which is just a symbol of his love for the fair maiden he could not lay. Or two the Duke in rage at being challenged at such a freindly ocasion cut his head off right there and then, no happy ending seems to exist for this particular story.
So now the restless spirit of the Green Knight wanders his former land challenging strangers at random in the hopes of defeating them and winning his fair maiden most dear.
So if you ever come apon the challenge of the Green Knight in your wanders fear and pity his lonely soul, for your life may come to join him beyond the veil soon enough.

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Re: The Beastiary: The Green Knight of Belhurst Moor

Post  Caleb Ilano on Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:14 pm

That pic could serve as something else. Wink

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